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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Proper questions.

After reviewing the footage extensively, I've come up with a number of questions to be made from it.

- How.. but Sam.. she got up! And how? I mean.. we didn't even notice! I was really freaking distracted. >.< This, alone, warrants further investigation.

- Sam looks different. HOW.

- Why the hell was I so distracted?! I wasn't even thinking of anything in particular; I just couldn't stop thinking!

- The front room looked different. For example: there was a fucking Xbox right there. HOW THE HELL... ej9fdesfdjEJIFJNIEF.

- What made that loud bang?

- Something about the records creeps me out. I'm sure there's more to them.

- For that matter, Sam clearly got up and walked out of the room while we were gone. So how the hell did she get back so fast?!

There's something odd going on with that house. It was odd enough that Sam's an American, who lived in the States, so there's absolutely no reason she should be here in a British home that's awfully close by to mine! Now we're finding out this house has more to it than we thought?!

It's just plain.. je9afffji.

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