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Friday, October 9, 2009

Hmmmmm... History Lessons. ^_^

I just wanna invite you, whoever might possibly check this blog, to join in the DCA cheer. Dark Chao Adventures. The most successful comedy fan-script I've ever made. ...the most successful ANYTHING I've ever made, really. It's been generally well-received for over four years now, and is currently in its seventh season. The seventh season is also its LAST season, unless otherwise noted. It is quite a sporadic season, actually... with crazy plots and as many episodes as the story will take.

I never.. really talked about DCA here, so... allow me to elaborate.

Season One: Shade and Chao-- made in 2005 for a forum called Chao Civic. People loved all eight episodes of this season, and enjoyed the Invader ZIM jokes and... stuff. The season was simply just the wacky antics of a group of Dark chao (Shade, Dark, Red [formerly known as "Devillish"], Shadow, and Shade Junior), and a group of Hero chao (Chao, Hero, Tail, Speedy, Knuckle, Aqua). They went to Kindergarten together at Chao Pre-school And Kindergarten (CPAK). Season One introduced a recurring enemy-- the Poker Gang (consisting of Metal Sonic, and "Metal Sonic's Poker Buddies--" Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll, from Sonic R).

Work started on a Season Two, involving Doctor Who (from the TV show with the same name), but BAM, my computer effed up, and I lost all data for that, save one episode. Oh, and Chao Civic shut down, so I couldn't just re..get the episodes that I posted. Luckily, I had already saved all of Season One. Years later, in 2007, I finally decided to start a NEW Season Two.

Season Two: Dark and Mephiles-- the series began revolving more around the story, instead of the jokes. This season was another eight episodes of madness. Mephiles (from Sonic the Hedgehog [2006]) came in, as well as a female Dark chao (also called "Shade," commonly referred to as "She-Shade," or "SShade"). Season Two also introduced the apocalyptic future, which comes up a lot in later seasons. The Poker Gang stays in the background this season, although Metal Sonic gets his time to shine during the season finale.

Season Two was posted on my first ever blog, but that blog is no more. So, in 2007, I posted the first two seasons at another forum, called Chao Talk. It was extremely well-received there, and gained a fan base! :D Chao Talk did NOT get shut down, and people wanted more DCA, so naturally, I gave them a LOT more.

Season Three: The Beta Avengers-- the people called for another season, so I wrote up another eight episodes. This season introduced a major foe for the chao: the Beta Avengers, after whom this season was named. The BAs consisted of several characters who were present in the original Season Two (officially known as a beta season). The main members were called Beaten Graves (not called that for a few seasons, however), and were the four mysterious characters with unknown names. Season Three introduced the MILKMAN (the leader of Beaten Graves). The Beta Avengers simply wanted to kill the chao for some random reason. The season finale of this season was a landmark-- the first ever Feature-Length episode. It was the length of three episodes put together, and involved the chao, lost on a strange planet. While not that long when compared to the more recent episodes, it was still a momentous occasion.

The season finale of Season Three gained great praise, and ended in a big cliffhanger-- the chao found a secret city on the strange planet. The fans wanted more story, more jokes, and more DCA, so in the summer of 2007, I decided to put my script-writing skills where my mouth was, and wrote up some very story-based episodes.

Season Four: Purflee and Luis-- eight episodes, seven of which were all linked to the season finale of Season Three. It told the story of all the chao, lost in the secret city. They died a lot, but found that they could respawn somehow. The second Beta Avenger, simply named "JOE," was introduced here, and was easily more mysterious than the MILKMAN. The end of the season saw the return of the chao to their gardens, and a possibility of things returning to normal.

The people of Chao Talk adored Season Four, some considering it to be the best season yet, especially since I included some of their chao in the engaging story. Of course, they wanted more. They wanted continuation. So, I tossed together eight more episodes in Q3-Q4 of 2007.

Season Five: Echo and Red-- the final "normal" season, if you will. This season consisted mostly of the chao, in their gardens, waiting for the Beta Avengers to strike. The third member of Beaten Graves, a Dark/Fly chao named "Echo," spent this season flying above the Hero Garden, ominously foreshadowing some form of event in the near future. Metal Speedy, another Beta Avenger, made a quiet appearance, while still hinting at things to come. Then, during the season finale, Shade went through the game, "Portal," then on a somewhat... spiritual-esque journey back to the gardens, where he met the fourth and last member of Beaten Graves, named "Tagliare." At the climax of the finale, all the chao are forced to evacuate the gardens, or face a deadly explosion-related demise.

By this point, the fans were hooked to the story, and yet... they calmed a lot. For a while, nobody even mentioned DCA. I, myself, was taking a small hiatus before the next season, and I suppose the fans decided to get on with their lives by this point. However, in May of 2008, I randomly decided to begin work on what I knew would be a wild season. The wildest season yet. Season Six.

Season Six: The Grey Journey-- this season will be rather... hard to explain. But, I'll try. Basically, the MILKMAN had been warning Shade, halfway through Season Five, that soon he would embark on a great journey to get seven chaos drives. Once he obtains all seven, he would have the power to stop the Beta Avengers for once and for all. Then, the bomb threat at the conclusion of the last season had separated the chao. So, Shade just... had to go on an epic journey.

This season, this JOURNEY, saw Shade going through the game, "Half-Life." It saw him going on a long road trip across the continental US. It saw him going through an odd rendition of "Metal Gear Solid." It saw him battling his best friend to the death. It saw him dealing with costumed villains, all trying to murder him. It saw him going through "Halo," but in a musical format. Finally, it saw him finishing off the Beta Avengers in a three-part finale. This season was the longest season yet, ending at TEN episodes, each episode being MUCH longer than your average one. However, the fans did not comment that much. Not even when I made the truly Feature-Length Halloween script, "Gears n' Roses," which was the DCA adaption of "Gears of War." It was yet another hallmark, ranging at about 144 kilobytes (which is considerably large for a script). Not even when I had finished the fiftieth episode of DCA, also the true season finale for Season Six, and also the conclusion of the Beta Avengers.

For a while, I was bored and lonely. I spent November and December of 2008 working on three odd scripts-- the first three episodes of Season Seven. I finished the third one in early 2009. It was not until much, much later, sometime around September 2009, when I had actually finished the FOURTH episode of Season Seven, and had finally got another story arc going. By this time, new fans had arrived, and had actually read the entire series, including the second truly Feature-Length script, "The Secret City," which was around 227 kilobytes in length. These fans had proved to be as dedicated as the old ones. Some old fans had even begun to return! So, with four more episodes to go (all finished within mere days), I knew that DCA was back on track.

Season Seven: The End-- this was one for the history books. The first three scripts were rather mediocre, lackluster at best... then the fourth one came along. I had decided to make a faithful recreation of "Metal Gear Solid 2," DCA-style. It took five episodes to do it, but I did it. During that ridiculously wild ride, with even more plot twists than Season Six in its entirety, I had planned out the rest of the entire show. Season Seven would be The End, and would not be eight episodes, nor ten, nor even twenty. I wanted Season Seven to go on for as long as it took... for the Veteran's Committee (the NEW bad guys) to be eliminated. The Veteran's Committee was a serious threat-- twelve characters, all with cryptically hidden identities, who all wanted the same thing: the continuation of evolution. They spent some time thinking, and decided that DCA was not helping, but DELAYING that cause, so they aimed to put a stop to Dark Chao Adventures for once and for all. In order to stop them, Shadow (a green Dark chao who, until this point, was essentially forgotten) would have to go on his own journey-- a GREEN Journey-- for seven chaos drives. He, partnered up with post-Grey Journey Shade, would prove a worthy adversary for the Veteran's Committee.

Currently, Season Seven has barely begun. The Metal Gear Solid 2 section is over, and Shadow is now trying to get the first chaos drive, lost somewhere in future Europe. In other words, he, Shade, Dark, and Red will have to traverse through "Half-Life 2."

So, click the link at the top of this entry if you want to embark on a magical mystery tour of pure awesome goodness! See why so many people love this series! See why I haven't posted here in a while! See what I've been doing all this time!