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Friday, July 27, 2007

(Yawn) What'd I Miss?

Went to England three weeks ago, came back one week ago, went to Disney World a few days later. Just got back.... yesterday, and I guess I haven't been paying much attention to this blog, now, have I?

I hope you have noticed that Poll. Please answer. I NEED FEEDBACK!

Ever played Half-Life? No? You should. It's for the PC. Also, a slightly worse version is for the PS2. It's a cool game. Fun. Not really a war game, but more of a (pardon my geek) Sci-Fi FPS One-Stage No-cut-scene multi-weapon multi-award-winning puzzle and platformer.

Er......... lemme put it this way--

That video skips the train ride at the start, but who cares? That is an EXPERT playing the game, you know.

Do you wanna know something SCARY? And when I say that, I mean "freaky" scary, not "terrifying" scary. That video you just saw (or at least saw part of it) has a sequel... that looks... like... THIS:

The scary part? Uh... did you NOT notice the insane graphics difference? No? Well, here's a comparison, then.

G-Man in Half-Life 1:

G-Man in sequel:

Notice the difference? By the way, that second one is NOT CGI, that is seriously in-game graphics. Every character has THAT MUCH detail.

I chose G-Man as the test specifically for the topic. Government Man, or "G-Man," is a very in-te-ressssssssting.... cha-rac-chure. (smacks lips) (deep breath) Misssster Freeeeeman...-- sorry. That is just a really cool way of talking.

What EXACTLY is the G-Man, and what does he actually DO? I can answer the second one, but NOBODY can answer the first.

THIS is what the G-Man does-- (the first minute or two)

Kinda creepy, huh?

Yeah, Half-Life and all its sequels/differentations are all scary, big, and very, very, funny. ...In a way. Oh, wait, I forgot a G-Man thing!

Verrrrry freaky. Verrry verrrrry freaky. Now that the scary parts are done, let's move on to an artist's funny rendition of G-Man (warning- swears inbound)! (swears) (swears)

There's one or two more G-Man appearances in that ridiculously funny comic, maybe you could find them. Believe me, it's a hilarious comic with a very well-made ending. Here's the site (if you decide to read it):

A very great comic. G'night, 'v-ry one!