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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Got A Very Confusing Question! / The Quest Of Sean... Kinda

I thought up a very hard question. This is a question no one person can answer. I have tested the theories on answers, all came up negative. Can you think of an answer, I do not know. You see, as soon as I ask the question, you will think you know the answer. However, I will show you lots of possibilities for how what you say can NOT be correct. "Because" is not an answer.

Are you ready?
Okay, here's the question........

You just answered it.

So, let's look over the theories: "Yes"= Incorrect. Ask yourself if you are 100% ready. You might mess up. You might forget the answer. You might forget the question. Why you would be ready, yet no one else is is beyond me.

"No"= the most correct, yet still incorrect. You might be ready. For all I know, you might have been prepared since you were born. Remember: You can't change your answer. Even if you could, as soon as you say you ARE ready, what then could be anything. You might start wondering if you really are ready, which will mess up your concentration. You might die, from a heart attack from worrying about being ready. For all we know, you may end up with the symptoms of the above hypothesis.

Simply put, "No" is the most (yet not completely) correct, while "Yes" is the most misunderstood (yet sometimes correct).

Let's say I want to have a little debate against you; a little one. Very little.

"Are you ready for the debate?" "Yeah, of course, I know all the answers."

I step up to the podium and say: "Geno. Give me opinions. Now."

You get confused, and wonder. This completely messes your chances of being taken seriously.

You know what happened? You weren't ready. Oh, look at that.

Now, let's rewrite history a little bit.

"Are you ready for the debate?" "No.... he's much too smart, I'm letting Bob answer it for me."

I step up to the podium and say, "(Thing you know most about). Give me opinions. Now."

Bob stands, confused. You know what happened? You were ready. Oh, look at that.

These are the things I think about as I walk into a door, unaware of my surroundings.

Next topic, please!

'Kay. I've been working on a game made entirely OF and ON paper. It stars (so far) completely original characters.... sorta. Know what it's called? No. No, you don't. Take one wild guess.

I'll give you a few more lines to think it over.

A few more.


So, you catch that football game last night? Yeah, no, no you didn't.


...Not from what date this is, anyway. Maybe if you read this later.


Mmmm.... ice cream.

Thought it over yet? No? Okay... a few more lines....

Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he...

He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl, and he called for his fiddlers three.

And the clock. Tick tock. On the mantlepiece. And I want. And I feel. And I know. And I touch.

The wall!

Got it? Good. It's called... Sean 4: Springs Of War. Betcha never thought of that, huh? Yeah, of course you did...n't. Yeah, yeah, no, nope. Pronounced "Shawn". Not "Cyan". My name's not Sean, it's Jordan, there's a long story behind it, and I'm telling you every bit of it.

Sean told me to make a comic of him. I drew him jump off a building and get eaten by some random crocodile. He liked it and made a sequel: He came back from the dead and killed me. I made another: My brother hears the gunshot and tries to avenge me, in the end, I come back to life. He made another: We hang out and defy the laws of time and space. I make an epic three-pager: Hanging out, we spot a giant meteor heading for Earth. SUPA JORDAN AND SUPA SEAN come to rescue. We somehow get lives, and lose them hilariously. In the end, Anghell (brother's nickname) and Sean duel as I fall down and land on a crocodile, crushing it, and I survive. I still have two lives left, but my other friend says "Hi", scares me, and I die (twice at the same time) from surprise. (I get to wear a cape as Supa Jordan, in the comic, not in life) I decide to make a game! Sean the Game I call it, where you play as a stickman at a lake. Along the shore, you find an old man. It's Sean! Sean was turned old by the evil wizard, and you have to travel to faraway (planet) VGT (don't ask and don't get answer) to stop him! About 11 or 12 ways to die, can't remember. Then, I make a sequel: Sean 2: Sean and Cake , where you are a stickman on a rooftop. Sean asks you to get him a cake. (say no and he pushes you off the building) You go around, looking hard, and find one. Depending on what missions you did, you get scored. (Lowest, I think, was either "Jon" or "Idiot", or something like that, highest: "Game Master") My new friend decided to make Sean 3, so I'm currently making the ULTIMATE GAME TO END ALL PAPERY GAMES OF ALL PAPERY SEANY GOODNESS! Yeah, I've made 7 levels so far. It won't be "Choose a path" style. It's "Platformer" style. I found a way to get that to work. ON PAPER. NO PROGRAMS AT ALL.

The epicstoryline? Here:

You are a stickman exploring the Stick-Place when you find a strange building. Inside, traps, puzzles, and bad guys await you. Along the roof, you find a little spring-shaped creature (more like a lightning bolt, but still) whose name is "Springo." You survive his traps and just barely escape the clutches of the giant "Springa". Springo tells you Springa was a pawn, and goes MANO A MANO on you. You beat him, and reach a city. In the city, you need to give this train-guy coffee, so you visit the nearest coffee shop-- in the Valley of Sprang. Springo took the coffee, and he gave it to his newest minion: The Mysterious Mister S. Suspense! Mr. S duels you, you get the coffee, and take the train to an airborne station. Funny thing, really, because you open the door and-- SLAM! Right onto the ground like a rock. In the background is a castle, where Springa takes his revenge. Through hard labor, Springo challenges you to a race: You versus Mr. S. He's fast, but you're faster. Much faster. So, Springo teleports you to the Global Gaming Center (GGC), and you solve more puzzles. In the end, you find the legendary Gateway to VGT.

...And that's as far into the game I got. I've got some more minions planned: Mr. J, Prof. J,
Dr. J, Mr. J Junior, Mr. J-h, Prof. B, Mr. C, Mr. H, and maybe some more. These are all based on Mr. L from Super Paper Mario, Luigi brainwashed. The Spring's goal here is to brainwash all humans into working for them. So far, the only Brainwashed I have are my friends who wanted to be let in. They all have the same 'uniform', shoes, gloves, and a scarf. I love the scarf. Mr. L had these, too. Oh, and a mask. Forgot about the mask. Yeah... a huge chunk of the game is based on the Paper Mario series. A majority of the puzzles, too. And the Save Blocks come straight from it! And the badges.

Now, to get the idea of what the Brainwasheds' uniforms look like... here's Mr. L's first appearance in Super Paper Mario (for a reference)! See that? Of course, it won't be green. It's be black. (I only have a pencil, what do you expect? Purple?)

Uh... can't tell you anything else, or I'll be... SPOILING YOU... Hehehe...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Um... 'Nother Break From Kaabii.

Wow... 3 days, hasn't it been? I really need to stop making that for a little bit. So, I'm announcing: Part 11 is the end of Part 1, K? Okay? Okay. Part 1. Not saying how many parts there are. Could be 2. Could be 3. Could be 400. So, picture this: A multi-billion dollar franchise decides to make an epic video game filled with epic stories, epic side-quests, planned but cancelled EVEN MORE epic side-quests, billions of battles, over 400 fighters to recruit, hundreds of items, tons of contests for the fighters to enter, online battling and spelunking and trading and chatting parts, no loading screens, very hard difficulty for an interesting challenge, a magnificent environment with weather effects and day-to-night interface, a little gadget which can be used for countless things, ability to make your own little gang, tons of championships, newscrew guys who interview you and you see the interviews and more things they recorded about you on TV, ability to defeat and capture the gods, an evil gang that plans to take over the universe, despite the fact that you only play in one large island, a rival that seems to do everything before you, 3-D, eye-popping graphics, access to all the previous fighters from older games in the series, and finally... funny jokes. All that, and I only broke a quarter of a sixteenth of a hundredth of an eighth of the ice of Pokemon: Diamond and Pokemon: Pearl. Got Pearl a few days ago, I've only got 3 Gym Leader badges, and a level 35 "Preppy" Prinplup. And 4 other cool Pokemon. If you think Pokemon is gay... lol.... loser.... you're missing out on something.

The awesome, yet canned epic side-quests? Uh... here, take a look for yourself: That's one of them. Here's another: There may be more, I don't know.

Just so you know, the only bad part of Pokemon is the TV series. ...Past Season 1. Season 1's cool. If you're reluctant, ....uh... um.... let's see......................... I don't know how to say this, but....... Pokemon is the one thing that you'll see almost everywhere. Just try ONE game. Try to beat it. Play and beat Red or Blue, or if you live in Japan, Green! But... Yellow may not be TOO good of an idea. You can get Yellow, but only if you like having Pikachu follow you around. Oh, I forgot to mention: All of this stuff......... Diamon and Pearl are for the (sorry, Piece Of S*** Portable fanatics) Dual Screen/Developer's System. If you ARE a Piece Of S*** Portable fanatic, that would be a N-i-n-t-e-n-d-o....... D..... S! A Nintendoh... Dee.... Es! You heard of it? If you're thinking of that game where you go around doing old people and killing police men (I like the police bit), that's GTA. Not even close.

This brings me to my next subject: What do you guys seein the Victorian Explorer of a Handheld game system? It's like the same Victorian Explorer that brought us the Giant Hogweed...... ... ... .. .. .. ... ... uh... do you get that joke? (Pop lovers: ) Thought not. (More wise people: ) Good. Look out for PSP fanatics! They are invincible! Strike by night! They all need the sunlight to photosynthesize their venom! Playstation Portable is avenged, human bodies soon will know our anger! (Sorry, I'm listening to that song right now, hope you don't mind I go into a Genesis gag rave on PSP fanatics) So, I'll make some parodies about PSP. Here's Revenge Of the Giant Game Company:

Turn and run!
Nothing can stop them!
Around every store and building their power is growing.
Stamp them out!
We must destroy them,
They infiltrate each city with their thick dark skin and bad games!
They are invincible,
They seem immune to all our homocidal battering.

Long ago in the worst of Hells,
A Japanese explorer found the evil blueprints by a crypt,
He captured it and brought it home,
Genocidal machine stirs, seeking revenge.
Royal bot did not forget.
He came home to Japan,
And made a present of the papers to the Executive at Tokyo.

Waste no time!
They are approaching.
Hurry now, we must protect ourselves and find some shelter!
Strike by night!
They are defenseless,
They all need the sun to photosensitize their batteries.
Still they're invincible,
Still they're immune to all our homocidal battering.

Fashionable Executive men had some cult-driven wild companies,
In which they innocently worked on the PSP throughout the land.
Genocidal machine stirs, seeking revenge.
Royal bot did not forget.
Soon they escaped, spreading their games,
Preparing for an onslaught, threatening the human race.

---(The Dance of the Playstation Portable)--- [still part of the song]

Grim PSP is avenged.
Human bodies soon will know our anger.
Kill them with your an'log stick,
Analoge Stöcke brennen ihre Finger, ha, ack!


Now for The Playstation P:

"Play me on this game,"
I heard him say, and played.
"Bill, your thoughts now seem so far from mine.
They hardly seem to matter now!"

And Sony will tell you lies,
of a system beyond our minds.
But I am lost within this new mind....
It hardly seems to think at all!

Play me on this.
Play and play again.
Play me on this.
Play and play again.

Just a little bit.
Just a little bit more lives.
Lives left to help beat this boss.

(guitar solo)

Play me on this.
Play and play again.
Play me on this.
Play and play again.

On this game I fight the final boss,
and a simple old boss was he.
But he called for backup,
and I called for more lives,
and I began to lose the pain.

...And the cop.
...Pain flopped.
...I was here again.
And I want,
and I reach,
and I grab,
and I shoot,
the man!

(guitar solo)

She's a lady, she's got time.
Brush back your hair, and let me...
get to gain your lives.

She's a life now, she's MINE!
I love you to hell but sudd'n'ly...
Flamethrower and... POOF.

I've been playing this for so long.
And all these lives that passed me by,
They're lost in dark matter now.
You stand there with your fixed expression...
Screaming as I wish to take your life!
Why don't you help me, help me?
One life left-- boss comes, m'chine gun--
'Proach him-- OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! ...
OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! ...
NO! NO! GAME! O.....ver........


So, are you wondering about what was happening in The Playstation P? Well, here's the scoop:

Timmy Whutsisname had a friend named Bill Whutizizname, they were best of friends. One day, Bill got a Playstation Portable! He called over to Timmy and said, "Play me on this game!" So,
Timmy did. As soon as he did, he lost track of reality for a few minutes. He liked it. Then, the one little multiplayer game against Bill ended. Timmy didn't want to stop, but Bill insisted. "Bill, your thoughts now seem so far from mine. They hardly seem to matter now!" Bill screamed as Timmy killed him with the PSP.

His mind regathered, and he felt extremely guilty. He recalled what the local policeman tells him every day, "Sony will tell you lies of a system beyond our minds. Don't listen, and don't become a victim," Timmy felt guilty for a few minutes until he heard a beep. The PSP lit up and went to level 1 on 1 Player, with a little tutorial. "Welcome, player! Kill enemies to gain more lives, gather up enough lives and come up with strategies to beat the game's hardest bosses!" Timmy stared at it for a second, then looked away. His mind felt as if it split in two, as his mind felt completely new. "It doesn't seem to matter now..." Timmy said, thinking of the police man. Suddenly, sparks flew out of the PSP, and the tutorial changed. "Welcome, Timmy! Kill people to gain more lives and help us beat the final boss!" It was as if it changed because of the Bill incident.

His mind flashed and the game's subliminal messages beamed into his head, "PLAY THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN."

He got to the final boss, and he realized his lives were running low.

The subliminal messages roared through his mind.

Suddenly, he thought he beat the Final Boss, but it called for backup and it grew three times in size! It started wasting his lives, and he desperately needed more. Down to his last life, he felt as if he himself was being turned into a life, or at least, he FELT like that. All of his pains were disappearing as he felt lost in cyber-world.

Nearby, the local policeman spotted Timmy playing a PSP. He rushed over and snatched it, then threw it on the ground and broke it. Timmy's pains returned, and he noticed his surroundings. Yet, his mind yearned for more, yearned for revenge, but how? His mind returned to the tutorial, and he reached and grabbed the policeman's pistol. With one press of the trigger, the cop dies and the PSP on the ground beeps, sparks fly, and the game returns. Paused. With another life.

A few hours of constant dodging and constant attacking, he lost a life and had but one left. He felt his pains going away, and he panicked, he wanted another life. Suddenly, he saw a lady walking beside him. He grabs her, brushes back her hair, and dunks her head into a sink for a few minutes. The game beeps, sparks fly, and the game pauses.

Timmy's staring happily at the game screen, at the bottom right "LIVES = 2". He loves having this new life, and unleashes hell on the boss. Still doesn't die. Suddenly, the boss uses an attack Timmy had never seen yet; a flamethrower. Not knowing how to avoid it, he loses another life.

He pauses it for a moment to think. He looks at the date, it had passed a few days. He realized all the people he turned into lives.... they're stuck in the game's dark matter now. Along the time Timmy played, people cowered in fear and left. He was the last in town. Suddenly, he notices a car driving along-- it's you! He jumps up, throws you out of the car, and you have but one expression on your face: a scream. Before you know it, you're gone and he fights the boss some more. The boss learns ANOTHER new move, the machine gun. He shoots him hard until Timmy loses another life. He realizes you were the last one there, and screams. The only life left is his! Timmy gets sucked into the game, and can't move... no one's PLAYING. The game is left unpaused, and the boss kills him. "GAME OVER," the game reads.

There are two endings I have come up with, choose which ever one freaks you out more. Here's the first: The boss' HP appears onscreen, and it says, "1 HP"

The second: The boss' HP appears onscreen, and it says, "000000000000000000" over and over and over.

I hope you liked those, both are parodies of Genesis songs. The first is a parody of The Revenge of the Giant Hogweed, and the second is my favorite song, The Musical Box. I tried my best to make the song stay in tune with the story, but just barely. That's what Genesis did, why not me? So, I'll let you go now. DON'T GO BUYING/PLAYING ANY PLAYSTATION ANYTHINGS, YOU HEAR? NOT PSONE, PS2, PS3, AND ESPECIALLY NOT PSP!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Speck Of Blood (Hoshi no Kaabii part 11)

(3 months later)

Kirby slowly stepped through the Ripple Palace, along with his pals. At the center of the palace, they were congratulated on perishing evil from the Star System, since they couldn't have a ceremony for 3 whole months. Busy schedule, you see. King Dedede gladly accepted the fame, but Kirby sadly stared up at the window above, into the skies. He liked the amazing red color on the stained glass, though. Astroll looked up, and smiled. He turned to the Queen of Ripple Star and said, "That's a lovely shade of red you have up there!" The Queen looked puzzled, and said, "But... our windows aren't red..." Kirby heard this and gasped. Worrying, he ran straight out of the palace. His friends saw him and ran to his aid, but Kracko Jr. didn't. He didn't see Kirby. This would be his mistake.

It. It returns. Now. Now. Not later. Now. Now is our revenge. Mine. Its. Not just 0. No. Something else. I laugh. I cry. I wait. Impatiently. It happens now.

"Kirby, what's wrong?" Astroll asked. Kirby gibbled and cried. King Dedede looked around, nervously. "Wait... where's Kracko Junior?" Then, the three turned slowly to see a bloodshed in the palace. Bodies were everywhere, some stil alive. Those alive quickly disappeared seconds later, into who-knows-where. Kirby carefully tip-toed inside, and tried not to touch anything. He screamed as he saw Kracko Junior, bloodshot, in the center. Dedede refrained from screaming, as he saw what was creeping up behind Kirby. It was a tiny Waddle Dee, a shadowy aura surrounding it, and it was about to grab Kirby! "Minny! Stop!" Astroll yelled as he dived for Minny. She turned around and grabbed him, then disappeared before Kirby even had the chance to turn around. "Huh?" Kirby said as he saw Dedede pale.

As I approach him, I feel the fear rushing through his body. Who can't? It's shown by his stature! Yes.... the fear.... I want it. IT...... I WANT IT! Take a running jump!

Dedede disappeared in an instant, and Kirby thought he saw a purple blur grab him. "Me.... me all aloooooony... agiiin..." He babbled. "Awwww... all... alone... my prey? Impossible! I won't allow it! So, I ask you, please turn around." A deep voice said. Kirby reluctantly turned around. As he did, his entire life flashed before his eyes. All of his fears awoke as he saw the halo. He looked down, noticing the bloody face. Just seeing the face made him petrified. The humongus wingspan... it destroyed the wall just to come out halfway. However, the scariest thing was the familiar face. But, it was much bigger than he was expecting. So big, that the palace alone can't contain it. The creature roared ferociously. "Zuh...................................................." Kirby froze in place. He could not say another thing. "I must tell you something.... guess who killed Kracko?"

He never meant to hurt anyone. Never. Hurt. Instead, everyone killed him. When killed by EVERYONE......... what choice do you have? Kirby stood no chance. The foolish Waddle Dee has been taken to possessing. The same with the King. We killed both Krackos, and we are thinking of what to do with Kirby. However, I know he will die. I don't know how he won't.

Kirby woke up in a factory somewhere, cold and hungry. Just as he was about to yawn, he jumped up and to the side. SMASH! A large machine was about to crush him. THEN he yawned. Seeing a dangerous, firey machine coming towards him from the left, he instantly dashed away. Nearby, a knight was laughing. "What a foolish puffball." He chuckled. Running as fast as he can, Kirby made it out of the factory. He was now in a magnificent city, skyscrapers touching the skies. Looking around, he saw a large sign that read, "Shuttle to other Stars: This Exit" He saw the road heading straight forward, and ran onto it. The path was strangely silent, with no cars, people, transportation, or ANYTHING besides some machinery sounds, which Kirby assumed to be the factory. Oh, how he was wrong. He could see the destination in the distance as the machinery sounds got louder. Kirby looked to his right and saw a gigantic robot lifting its fist up. Kirby stared, and quickly came to his senses, then ran away. The robot's fist had destroyed the road Kirby was standing on.

HR-H, the strongest fighting machine. The factory in Shiver Star was building it, and just finished making it. With ultra-deluxe missiles, sweet padding for the pilot (if any), and even three cup holders. Kirby doesn't stand a chance.

HR-H fired a laser from its eye at Kirby, who just dodged it. Suddenly, Kirby took its fist and shot it back at it. No pain given at all.

Oh, did I mention you can only damage it through the fists? The very tips of the fist, or no pain.

Kirby didn't know what to do, so he screamed. Quickly thinking, he ate one of the missiles and shot it at the fists. HR-H staggered to stand, and Kirby got an idea. He ran up to a building with sharp edges and fooled HR-H into punching the sharp edge. But when Kirby thought he won, HR-H flew onto the highway and transformed.

Then, just as HR-H's defences are uprooted, we were glad to have installed HR-E! This mole-shaped machine has double the defence, double the power, and double the speed. Kirby can't win!

Kirby ran for his life, trying to reach the building ahead. HR-E was too fast, though. It raised two claws and got ready to crush him, but Kirby confused it. HR-E attacked itself! It self-destructed and sent Kirby flying towards Neo Star.

Yeah, we also installed the humongus self-destruct sequence that can send anyone flying into oblivion.

Kirby landed on the top of the volcano. Suddenly, he remembered the Warp Star at the top of the spire. He hopped up and turned around, then stared, petrifyed. "Expecting someone.... ELSE?"

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Other Stuff and Stuff (Hoshi no Kaabii checkpoint)

Hey everyone. Those who read my entries... please... comment. I'd like to know how my story is so far. Yeah, it's not over yet. Long story, though! Yes, the bad guy's name is 'Zero', so what? Well, actually, no it's not 'Zero', it's '0'. Understand? Just wait until he-- never mind. Minny plays an important part in the story, in case you didn't notice. By the way... I've found some videos to help... establish some realization. Sorta. The videos are, uh... things Kirby has done in the past to help stop Dark Matter.

This first video is Kirby versus 0 in Kirby's Dreamland 3, and the reason I want you to see it...? It's so you know what 0 looks like, and so you know what he looked like at that... almost GORY part when he died. Lots of blood. It's almost... scary. And to think... this is Kirby we're talking about. The lovable little puffball. Who's pink. Anyway, here: The part where his eye shoots out of his body... uck.

The next video is Kirby 64's final boss. See if you can... recognize... this guy: Don't ask me what that green thing is. You don't want to know. (In a Kirby game? It's "E" for everyone! How is this possible!?) And... don't ask why it's giving off a green gas. Nice boss song, though.

Now, I wonder if you can recognize THIS guy: (the first and second ones, the last one is Dark Matter) well, do you? Answers: First one is King Dedede, second is the man who attacked Kirby at the start of my story, Dark Matter possessed a warrior, I guess.

Did you like those? I've given you a few hints as to who the 64's Final Boss is, and he'll make a HUGE appearance in my story later. HUGE! Well, it was nice talking to you. See ya!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

0101011101010000....2? (Hoshi no Kaabii part 10)

Kirby reaches the main palace of Ripple Star, Dark Matter forming in the air. They run through the palace's many floors, until they find a cloud of nothingness at the very top. Astroll gives us an evil glare, and grabs Kirby and tosses him up.

Kirby is inside a dark room, with moving darkness around him. He recognizes it, as he fought Nottymiracle here. "Nottymiracle?" Kirby muttered. "No, Kirby, I am not 'Nottymiracle'... my name is 'Miracle Matter', do you hear me? Mi-ra-cuhl Ma-tuhr! And now, it's about time we end all of its pain." A large icosahedron floats into the room. One eye on every side, the icosahedron is Miracle Matter himself. His twenty eyes stare down at Kirby, the porygon rotating. Just as Kirby prepares to fight, Miracle Matter laughs. "HA! No, Kirby, I do not wish to fight. Just to end its pain. It. It itself." He explains, and flashes a white light. The room rumbles, and Miracle Matter floats away. The darkness disappears and Kirby realizes he's in space, above the middle of the star system.

King Dedede is yelling at Astroll, yelling profanity. Astroll merely chuckles. Kracko Jr. looks at him, and thinks, Astroll... I get the feeling he's not a Waddle Dee at all. But... WHAT... is he? Suddenly, Astroll flashes, and a large Dark Matter flies out of him. "'Scuse me, lozas." The Dark Matter says as it floats away to wreak more havoc. Dedede is amazed. "But wait, how did that giant... THING... fit in that little Waddle Dee?" As soon as he says this, Kracko Jr sighs.

"I see him. I see him. He is here. Now, for me to end my pain... to end my sorrow..."

Kirby is floating when he feels another great rumble. He reluctantly turns around, and screams. An eyeball at least thirty times his size, with a red iris and a black pupil, is staring down at him. "" Kirby squeals. Zero whispers, deeply, "Yes, Kirby... Zero. Me. That's how you would say it. It's actually 0, but spelling it out is good, too. Anyway... you've found me. You can stop searching for me. My pain now ends." Kirby shakes his head, and mutters. "Hmm... I can't just... bring Pop Star and Rock Star back. What is it I must do to end my pain? It goes on. It goes on. Much more. Ugh... the blood.... the endle..s..s..........b......l..........o.....o.......................d................................i.....t.................h........u.....r....t...s"
Zero whispers, and closes his eye. Kirby thinks for a moment, and gibbles something.

What? I feel. I feel danger. Kirby met it. It explained to Kirby. What? I feel. I feel danger. How much more? The blood, I feel it. I feel its sorrows. I feel it all. I am one with him......0. 0. 0. 0, please hang in there. Wait... I sense more danger. Kirby mentioned................ 3.

"What are you saying? I can't just turn into 03! That would... that would not. Not work. I'm not even sure there is a Third Power." Zero says. Kirby gutters something else, and Zero gasps. "Yes, but even that itself would not work. Kirby, don't you see!? The power......... it won't stop. Nothing stops. My blood.... it........ won't stop. Besides, in order to become second power.... I need to-- get away from me. I am not dying!" Zero shouts. Kirby mutters some more gibberish. "That's a silly idea! You don't trust me enough to lose purposefully..." Kirby blabbers even more. "...You do? ....It.... may be worth a try. Alright. Kirby, you and I... we fight.... now."

Astroll wakes up from his rest, and asks, "Where's Kirby?" Kracko Jr. sighs and looks up. Astroll sees gathering darkness above them. "Have you folks forgotten about the Warp Star?" Astroll asks. The other two jump. Then, they all rush to the Warp Star and fly to the middle of the Star System.... is this a good idea?

This is getting much worse. I sense.... people messing with 0 and Kirby's plan. This, I fear, will bring naught but dread. Dread. Anguish. Pure anguish. In all of us. Why is 0 doing this!? Is making sure Kirby stops searching for us not enough!? ...Wait, vision. OW......... this hurts. My eye! Ugh....... I understand now. 0.... best of luck. May the others not bother you... in your mission to gain second...... power. However, I fear that second may not be enough... I sense much danger. Goodbye, cruel destiny.

At the peak of the fake fight, Kirby blabbers more to Zero. "Yes.... thank you, Kirby. You have made it all better. I promise, as soon as the pain stops......... I will undo all wrongs. Just remember, if my eye bleeds when I die.... something went wrong." Zero responds, and prepares himself for death. Just as this happens, the other three come by on the Warp Star. "What's this?" Zero asks as he sees the star. Kirby gasps, and desperately waves over to them, gesturing them to stop. "Don't worry, Kirby! We'll save you!" Astroll shouts. King Dedede throws his hammer at Zero's eye, and he screams. "OH.... THE PAIN.... It.... hu...r...t.....s........ so much..... Kirby, you said you wouldn't.... do this......... to me. WHY!? Why is there so much....... anger.... anguish.... pain.... in the world? Urk.... URK! URK! No...." Zero screams. King Dedede just laughs, and gloats. "Ah yeah, I hit the bad guy! I killed the bad guy!" Kirby gasps. Zero's eye starts bleeding uncontrollably. Suddenly, his iris explodes out of his eye! The iris drips of blood, and the rest of the eye.... is merely an eye socket with no skin. The eye and iris both explode afterward, and a bright flash shines on to them. They all hear a faint whisper, deeper than ever before, "The anger......... escaped." Then, everything goes silent.

Oh, no. This is bad. My senses were right, unfortunately. 0...... is dead. Again. I fear the madness is but a tear drop away now. A tear drop... of blood. Wait... what's this on my cheek? ....A speck of blood...?

Kirby and the Mystery Of Shivering (Hoshi no Kaabii part 9)

"Ah, who cares about the squirt? We're in Shiver Star now, Kirby! Say... this place is cold..." King Dedede shivered. Kirby didn't listen. He could sense something. Something odd. "Uh... Kirby, if I may ask a question... if Dark Star is in the middle of the Star System... why don't we just fly to the middle? ...Instead of flying along the planets in a circle..." Astroll asks. Kirby looked at Astroll, a determined look on his face. Astroll knew this meant, "I know what I'm doing." so, he slowly nodded. Kirby nodded back, and looked ahead into the blizzard.

The steps were freezing, crunchy, and gave everyone colds. This was very bad for Kracko Jr, since he was but an eyeball. ...An eyeball with premature clouds surrounding it, anyway. Kirby suddenly stopped. "...What?" Dedede asked. Kirby stood there for a few seconds, then collapsed. The others gasped and ran to his aid.

Kirby's mind was buzzing with blabbers and gibberrish, but when translated, can cause anyone to faint. One of the more important questions in Kirby's mind was, "If the Dark Matter are here... is it here as well?" This question... Kirby already knew the answer. He knew it all too well. Remember the voice Kirby heard in Aqua Star? That pretty much answered it for him. Another important question was, "Is Minny okay?" and yet another, "If it did return... wouldn't Dark Star have returned, as well?" The latter was the reason he didn't fly straight to the middle of the star system. He wasn't sure if Dark Star was even there! That can cause a problem in Kirby's life, because one trip to the middle and back wastes around three hours. In three hours, all the planets could blow up! It could unleash its evilness into the worlds! Kirby, as well, knew 'Its' name, but would dare not think it, let alone say it. At least, not until he was sure it was alive. I mean, absolutely sure. As in, saw it for himself. Last time he fought it, Kirby barely got out alive. Last time, it was as if he was speeding through a black hole three times the size of the Star System! As for the fight before that, Kirby was speeding through some sort of warp zone. Kirby awoke to the smell of hot chocolate.

It flew through space, searching for its next victim. The humongus white eyeball laughed maniacally, and whispered, in a deep voice, "It hurts. It really hurts." Then, it started sobbing. "Yet, I cannot cry... for when I do.... it hurts. It really hurts." As it turned around, its face was covered in blood. "Tears... tears... they hurt. They burn. They burn too much. I want my freedom. Freedom... to have wings again. The pink star warrior... he... he shot my wing off. Without two wings to maintain balance, one wing alone cannot lift up my spirits... let alone... my rage. My other wing fell off as all darkness disappeared. I was brought back to life... by that little thing. That tiny thing... the one who cared of me." It closed its eye, and sighed. "Now that I have found you, Minny... we can be together at last. You care of me, I care of you, happiness can once again be restored." Then, it paused. It opened its eye and stared at Shiver Star's moon. "And yet... it hurts. It really hurts. As long as the pink star warrior is alive and coming for me, for my beloved men... nothing can ease the tempest that melts... my skin... away." It looks to a nearby planet, Ripple Star, and thinks for a moment. "I know what I must do. Time to call for Miracle Matter." It flies down to Ripple Star, and silently cries blood.

It. It. It called me, cried for me, and I was glad to come back to it. It. It.......... Ze--It. It. It. Where is it? Oh, going for Nottymiracle? Okay. Fine by me. By the way, it's not 'Nottymiracle', it's 'Miracle Matter'. Not IT, but the other it. Yes, the one with the hundreds of eyes. In each eye, I see my future. The Star System's future. The universe's future. OUR future. It is a happy one. I just wish IT was happy, though. It won't stop until Kirby stops looking for it. It doesn't want to kill Kirby, just to stop him from looking for us. For it. For Ze--it. Its wings... they were made of flesh. ITS flesh. That's why it shrinks when it gets second power. Not only its flesh, but its blood. Its blood. It has lost so much blood... so much. It has learned to use its own blood as a weapon. They say Dark Matter's red blobs are also its blood. Blood. Everywhere. So much. Scary. It leaves a trail of blood, or at least, it will. The trail will lead Kirby straight to it. When it reveals itself, all will be well, right? Right? I have a feeling... no...

"Wake up, Kirby!" Astroll yelled. Kirby instantly woke up when he smelled the hot cocoa. "Kirby, there's a trail of blood over here!" Astroll pointed at blood stains making a path somewhere. Kirby gasped, his pupils widened, and he realized. "Itta summa udda side!" Kirby screamed. Kirby ran as fast as he could, following the trail through teleports until he reached Ripple Star...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Minny's Message... (part 8) of It.

All of my dreams came back to me now, as I saw it. It. I saw it. It. It. The it itself. It was the most horrifying thing... more horrifying than seeing Nottymiracle. It. It. Its name rings through my head right at this moment, but I cannot speak it. It is brainwashing me. It. It. It is. It IS, I swear. Join it. There is no beating it. It will command its army of shadows and rule the universe. Its home planet has been gone for a while, so it created its own. Kirby destroyed it, so it rejoiced. It. It. It. It. It. It is causing me more fear than knowing its name. Its name is scary itself. It never actually had a home planet, but more of its own dimension. Its own zone. It. It. Its name is not 'It' in case you are curious about it. I know its name. It... it... it... it... the brainwashing is nearly complete. It made us. It made me. It made Kirby. It made you. It made the world, Pop Star, Rock Star, Aqua Star, Neo Star, Shiver Star, Ripple Star, and Dark Star... its seven other creations aside from Dark Star were made to counteract the evil. It needed to counteract so it could attack. It could attack. Full throttle, it can. It can. Now. No stopping it. Kirby is off to Shiver Star, which it made. The closer you are to Dark Star, the more it will impact you. It. It. It can. It will. It is attacking you now. As I speak of it, you are falling victim. Victim. You. It. Now. It is big. It was happy. Then it saw Kirby. Then it lost its happiness. It lost its mouth. It lost one eye. It lost. It won't lose now. It can't lose now. It impacts our hearts. It gets rid of our hearts. It takes all hope, just as Kirby took its. It. It.... it... it... it. Where is it? It was just here. It is gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. As is my hope. As is my happiness. As is my heart. As is my soul. Did I mention it takes souls? It used to have one. It used to live in peace. It met an evil King. It. It. It. The evil king harnessed it. For the wrong reasons. It now wants revenge. Carved by the hands of nothing... of zero... of absolute... of dogma. Yes. Dogma. Everything. It is nothing. It is everything. It. It. It. To the second power, it wishes to return. Second power. It. It and second power... combine perfectly. It. If you don't read my entire thing, it will get you. It knows of no such 'fourth wall'. Only hate. In second power, it can reach third. I don't wish for it to reach third. Third is bad for it. I sense danger coming with its eternal power of third power. Its face. Its face. It. It. Face carved by nothing. Face... face... face...... used to be a smile. Used to be it had a grin. Now it is grim. I wonder if it will ever find peace again. In its cage, it sees all. It. It. It. It. It. It. It. I am crazy becuase of it. It is crazy because of Kirby. It used to be angry because of the evil king. Kirby drove it crazy. It is eternal. It requires more than all the miracles it has produced. It produced miracles. Now that it is crazy, it does not. No more miracles. This is why I fear. Fear. Fear of it. It. It at third power. Power. Enough power. Second power is crazy enough. When Kirby comes to it, it is. I can not think of its craziness at third with Kirby. Poor it. Lost. Lost. Lost. It. Lost. It. It. Lost. Lost within Dark Star. I fear. It. It will get us all. Where do all the hope going? Where? I fear. I fear. It drove me crazy. It. It. Iiiiiiiit. Iiiiit. Zeeeero. Zeeero. Zero. Zero. Nothing. Nothing. Not at all. No. No. Can't be. It. Chaos. It has enough chaos in its mind. Enough. It. Where? Who? A flower? It. It. It. Flower. No. It is not a flower. Its face resembles one, but it is not one. I fear. It. Hyper Zone. The legendary Hyper Zone. It. Its zone. Its home planet is a zone. Is the Hyper Zone its home zone? I believe so. Is it trying to kill us? I know so. I do not think so. I know so. It. Kirby. Kirby. It. Dark Matter. It commands Dark Matter. It is not a Dark Matter. Master, what are you? ...Shush, it is talking. Yes. Of course. It. It. Yes. I understand it now. It is the god. It is god. It. God. It. It. The devil, Kirby, attacked it at its weakest point. When attacked, it lost its frown. Heaven was Hell, Kirby raided Heaven. It is speaking more. I am needed in Dark Star. It. it. It. I must go. Spread the word of it. Spread. It. Now. Quick. It.

Kirby and the Tiny Waddle Dee (Hoshi no Kaabii part 7)

The freak... he chased me into a CANNON! I'm stuck in a cannon! That shadow... he got me while I was having the vision... and now he's lighting the fuse of the cannon. The countdown begins... 10... 9... 8... 7...

Roaming through the jungle, the heroes find exotic flora, dangerous fauna, and steep cliffs.

6... 5... 4... oh, please let me land on something soft...

Kirby went first across the narrow bridge, one wrong step, and he falls into the bank below!

3... 2... 1... FIRE!

Astroll notices something in the sky; it's a comet flying through, brightly. "What? It's... it's comign crashing down!" He shouts. Kirby looks up, and a tiny Waddle Dee slams him into the ground.

Ow... I hope I didn't break anything... I think I landed on something soft. What? It's that guy me and Mace Knight ran away from! And the other guys, too. "Where... where am I?" I ask, expecting a relatively acceptable answer. The four just looked around, as if they were looking for someone. "Who said that?" A big Waddle Dee asks. "Me! Why?" I shout. Then, the four look at me like I'm an alien. What's going on, anyway?

The tiny Waddle Dee spoke in a ladylike voice, not what you'd expect from a small dot. Kirby examined the girl, and babbled to her.

The big, pink guy is babbling to me-- whoa... a vision. I hear... I hear that pink thing asking me where I came from. "I... I'm from... from...... uh... I don't remember. Last thing I remember is being in Shiver Star, being chased by a Dark Matter," I answer.

The four gasped as they heard the girl speak. "A-- a Dark Matter!? But... didn't we fight them off... at least five times now?" Kracko Junior asks. The tiny Waddle Dee started to get anxious, and nervous. "Uh... you... people... you wouldn't happen to know where a bathroom is, do you?" She asked. King Dedede nervously chuckled, "Uh... as far as I know, there are none. We're in a jungle."

I couldn't believe it-- lost who-knows-where, and without a place to relieve myself! There was only one option, but I wasn't gonna like it.

The heroes ducked, covering their eyes. A few minutes later, they resumed to asking the Waddle Dee questions. Kirby babbled one long babble to her, and she spaced out.

Another vision. I'm in a house, a man is attacking me, but I defeat him. The following night, I find a swordsman in my backyard, and we duel. Another man comes and kidnaps the swordsman, and I go on a long search, recruiting a penguin and a cloud-monster on my search. I speak to a blob, and I recruit an old Waddle Dee. We see a black hole in the sky, and fly past it. Strange things happen as we stare into the hole. On another planet, we stop for food, only to have our vehicle stolen by a tiny Waddle Dee and a maceman. Rafting around, and exploring a town, I eavesdrop by a tower and hear some haunting things. Suddenly, a sword appears and warps me to a jungle. Apparently, that was this pink guy's story so far. Some things interest me-- that black hole was in a... familiar place. Also, the two that steal the vehicle... that... that was... me!

The Waddle Dee stands in shock as she hears the babble. After recovering, she tells the heroes her story of confusion and fear. Apparently, she awoke on Aqua Star and met Mace Knight. "This can't be good... I remember that multiple-eye guy... that can only mean... it... has returned. We're all gonna die!" Dedede screams. "What's gonna return? What's gonna happen?" She asks. "Little Minny... that's what you are, correct? A Minny?" Astroll asks. "I... I don't know.... the name rings a bell, but..." "Okay. Well, little Minny, the creature you ran into... from what Kirby has told me, his name is one of many none know. Simply put, we don't know what he's called. BUT... it is said you need more than a miracle to stop him, so we decided to call him 'Nottymiracle'." "Naughty Miracle!? What kind of name is that!?" "No, 'Not... e... miracle'. 'Not e...ven a... miracle'." "Um... okay. Silly name, though. Why not call it something like 'Dark Matter Invul', for 'Invulnerable'?" "No, becuase he is not invulnerable. Kirby has beaten him before." "Oh. Okay. Why not--" "That would be enough on the matter, thank you. All right? All right." So, the group agreed to join together and carry on through the jungle.

The trek was dangerous, painful, and made everyone hungry, smelly, and tired. A tree got caught in Dedede's hat, so they spent an hour getting him off the tree. By the end, they reached a mountain range. This trek was even MORE dangerous and painful. Finally, they reached a volcano. Frankly, none of them had any idea where they were going. They realized it would be unwise to enterthe volcano, so they hiked up it. At the top was something beyond anyone could've ever imagined.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had dreamed of this place in my visions, but never would I have thought I'd get to be here. A rainbow was circling a large spire, which was emerging from the ground. The spire was pure gold, and engraved onto it was, "Fight all evils... good luck, Minny." Minny? Am I truly... Minny? So... this is not a mere name for my species? At the top of the spire was a floating star, glowing as bright as the rest of the architecture. The thing most noticible is the fact that it's missing something... something... I can't put my finger on. All I know is that it has something to do with the spire, and the large, gold throne at the bottom. Also, in my visions... this piece of furniture was... somewhere else. Not at the top of the volcano, but... floating. Yes, floating! Floating in the place all my visions took place in... a place that always made me feel scared. It was... it was red, almost beehive-like. There was barely a floor, and the walls... what walls? The area around me was moving... like a red shadow. But... what was missing?

"Minny? MINNY? Oh, just wake up and look!" Astroll yelled. Somehow, this made Minny focus. "So... your name is Minny..." Astroll said. "The place of my dreams..." Minny mumbled. Kirby's eyes were fixed on the star at the top. "What is it, Kirby? Oh, right! It's the Warp Star!" Kracko Junior yelled. Kirby jumped up and grabbed it, and the other three jumped on. They took off, and unknowingly left Minny behind.

What was missing from this thing? Wait... where'd the others go? "Guys? GUYS?" I yelled. No answer. As I ran to the other end of the spire, I could've sworn I heard a whisper. "Minny..." It said. I turned around, and it was just the spire. However, something changed... I thought I saw a large, white ball in the throne. It disappeared quickly. Running to the other side, I heard the whisper again. Turning around, I screamed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Kirby Meets the Shadows... Well, RE-Meets. (Kirby part 6)

While the others were busy looking around town, Kirby took a closer look at the tower. It was made of brick, and it was very old. Just as Kirby found a window, he heard a crash from inside. Quickly and inconspicuously, he peeked through the window. The very same man who kidnapped Meta Knight was in there, lying down in a pile of rubble. The man looked worn out, beaten up, and hanging by a thread. "S....sir... I... I didn't... know. It was... dark...." The man groaned. Kirby heard something he'd never forget... ever again. An extremely deep voice, too deep to understand, said inaudble words. Kirby heard a few, "Knight....... Pink.... Warrior.... Star... Kill..." These words scared Kirby, for pink warrior and star sounded like him! He was so scared, he let out a whimper. Then, Kirby heard what would haunt him for the rest of his life... an eerie whisper right by his ear...area. "What are you looking at? Get out... before I send my minions for you. Before... META KNIGHT... kills you. Go, now!" It sounded like the deep voice he just heard, only fiercer. Instantly, Kirby turned and ran.

"So... Mace Knight... you don't know what happened to him?" Trident Knight asked me. "No... I'm assuming he's either still in the factory, or was killed." I responded, surprisingly calm. "Ah, yes... of course. Well, we have no time to go back now. Even with a miracle on our side..." He told me, depressed. There was silence for a few minutes, until I broke it by asking, "Trident Knight... I wish to know... what ARE those foul things?" He sighed, and answered with one long answer. "They... they are the worst things to ever invade us. They are our future... they are our remains... our past... they are dark matter themselves. That's right... Dark Matter. I know what you're thinking... 'But that's impossible!' Well... it ain't. Prophecies have told of their return, but who would've thought they'd come... so soon? How old are you?" "19." "Nineteen, eh? I see. So, you were too young to remember... it was a holocaust. They came, invaded, and possessed some. I heard a Waddle Dee was possessed, a young girl, and a king penguin, to name a few. It was the Ripple War... the Dark War III. ...Or was it Dark War IV? All I know is... this is the Dark War VI. Yes, the sixth one. We first discovered Dark Matter during the times of the Second Dreamland. They came, they did, and they possessed that king penguin... then the Star Warrior came and fought it off. He fought it off as the King, as the Knight, and as the Night. Then, during the time of the Third Dreamland, the lord of Dark Matter was introduced... the all-purpose, all-knowing-- ACK!" Trident Knight screamed as he collapsed. A Dark Matter had possessed him. "ThIs BeInG kNoWs ToO mUcH..." Then, the transformation was complete. "...And so do you." It said to me. At this very moment, I realized how deep I was in trouble. So, I ran.

"What's wrong, Kirby?" Astroll asked as he saw the puffball running into a wall. Kirby was pale, his shoes were an odd shade of pink, and his pupils were tiny. Just at this moment, they all saw an explosion in the sky. "That's strange... the explosion was at the coordinates of-- oh, fuzzlebumpkins." Astroll said. Kracko Jr. came and said, "What?" "...Pop Star blew up." The entire group went silent. Then, Dedede said, "Whoops... I left the oven on. That must be why." "Put a sock in it, King..." Kracko responded, not amused. "Oh, if ONLY we knew why it blew up!" Astroll shouted into the air.

A few hours earlier, on Pop Star, a Waddle Dee just walked into a bar. He stretched his arms and sat down. He waved to the bartender, and fainted as he turned around. The entire half of the bar was nothing... nothing at all. All shadows. As in, it was all black. A few grumbles were heard, then a hand made of shadows pulled the fainted Waddle Dee into nothingness. A few seconds later, a Waddle Dee a few shades darker than normal walked out. He also had a mean expression on his face, and one large eye. As this happened, more of the bar was slowly being engulfed in darkness. Suddenly, football came on TV, and hundreds of Waddle Dees came rushing in. "Perfect... more food for us..." a voice was heard from the shadows. Within minutes, the entire bar and three miles around it were engulfed in darkness! Slowly, as more and more creatures were pulled in, eventually the entire planet was engulfed. When this happened, a strange, giant, white ball flew out and said in a booming voice, "CONTRACT!" The shadows did so, enough to exert enough pressure to make the planet's core implode. That caused an explosion. The white ball turned around, revealing a small, red eye surrounded by strange, red markings. "... Absolute nothingness... I need... MORE..." it whispered.

End of the world... it has finally come. Is all life just... meaningless? In my life... do I recall... what am I saying? I don't... I don't 'recall' anything. It's all empty... my mind is a complete... an absolute... nothing. Dark Matter will take over... absorb all life... turn everything into darkness... just as I, a tiny Waddle Dee, am about to. My only two friends in this place... Mace and Trident Knight... they're gone...... as far as I know. Then again, what do I know? I AM JUST... A MINNY. Wait... 'Minny'? Minny... Minny... that has some significance... but... what? WHAT?

"So, there's no way to get ANYWHERE? You sure? So... we're all stuck here until Aqua Star explodes, and WE die, huh? Boy, what a party pooper." Dedede sighed. Meanwhile, there was someone spying on them from in the tower. "Thou heroes... I cannot let thou fall victim to nothing... so, I shall aid thou." The mysterious spy whispered. They threw a strange sword outside, into the middle of the group of heroes. Back with Kirby and Co, Astroll said, "What's this? A sword? Kirby, touch it!" He cowardly commanded. Kirby reluctantly touched it, and the sword exploded. It exploded in such a way that the four flew into space, and crashed into the next planet. "Hmm... the sword's explosion blasted us into Neo Star. That's a little... strange. But, oh well... we got lucky. Let's explore this jungle we fell into!" Astroll announced. The others agreed, and they trekked forward.

Ugh... I am... having a vision. It's... it's strange. Not like the ones I usually have. The normal ones are of giant, red eyeballs with red markings. This one... it is of... some sort of angel. It is a large, red eyeball... this time, though... is it crying? Crying blood, not tears. It has a mighty thorn at its bottom, and two devillish wings... made of... what IS that material? ...Flesh. It has a giant halo above its head... it is the most haunting thing I've ever seen. What does it mean?