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Friday, May 4, 2007

Kirby and the Tiny Waddle Dee (Hoshi no Kaabii part 7)

The freak... he chased me into a CANNON! I'm stuck in a cannon! That shadow... he got me while I was having the vision... and now he's lighting the fuse of the cannon. The countdown begins... 10... 9... 8... 7...

Roaming through the jungle, the heroes find exotic flora, dangerous fauna, and steep cliffs.

6... 5... 4... oh, please let me land on something soft...

Kirby went first across the narrow bridge, one wrong step, and he falls into the bank below!

3... 2... 1... FIRE!

Astroll notices something in the sky; it's a comet flying through, brightly. "What? It's... it's comign crashing down!" He shouts. Kirby looks up, and a tiny Waddle Dee slams him into the ground.

Ow... I hope I didn't break anything... I think I landed on something soft. What? It's that guy me and Mace Knight ran away from! And the other guys, too. "Where... where am I?" I ask, expecting a relatively acceptable answer. The four just looked around, as if they were looking for someone. "Who said that?" A big Waddle Dee asks. "Me! Why?" I shout. Then, the four look at me like I'm an alien. What's going on, anyway?

The tiny Waddle Dee spoke in a ladylike voice, not what you'd expect from a small dot. Kirby examined the girl, and babbled to her.

The big, pink guy is babbling to me-- whoa... a vision. I hear... I hear that pink thing asking me where I came from. "I... I'm from... from...... uh... I don't remember. Last thing I remember is being in Shiver Star, being chased by a Dark Matter," I answer.

The four gasped as they heard the girl speak. "A-- a Dark Matter!? But... didn't we fight them off... at least five times now?" Kracko Junior asks. The tiny Waddle Dee started to get anxious, and nervous. "Uh... you... people... you wouldn't happen to know where a bathroom is, do you?" She asked. King Dedede nervously chuckled, "Uh... as far as I know, there are none. We're in a jungle."

I couldn't believe it-- lost who-knows-where, and without a place to relieve myself! There was only one option, but I wasn't gonna like it.

The heroes ducked, covering their eyes. A few minutes later, they resumed to asking the Waddle Dee questions. Kirby babbled one long babble to her, and she spaced out.

Another vision. I'm in a house, a man is attacking me, but I defeat him. The following night, I find a swordsman in my backyard, and we duel. Another man comes and kidnaps the swordsman, and I go on a long search, recruiting a penguin and a cloud-monster on my search. I speak to a blob, and I recruit an old Waddle Dee. We see a black hole in the sky, and fly past it. Strange things happen as we stare into the hole. On another planet, we stop for food, only to have our vehicle stolen by a tiny Waddle Dee and a maceman. Rafting around, and exploring a town, I eavesdrop by a tower and hear some haunting things. Suddenly, a sword appears and warps me to a jungle. Apparently, that was this pink guy's story so far. Some things interest me-- that black hole was in a... familiar place. Also, the two that steal the vehicle... that... that was... me!

The Waddle Dee stands in shock as she hears the babble. After recovering, she tells the heroes her story of confusion and fear. Apparently, she awoke on Aqua Star and met Mace Knight. "This can't be good... I remember that multiple-eye guy... that can only mean... it... has returned. We're all gonna die!" Dedede screams. "What's gonna return? What's gonna happen?" She asks. "Little Minny... that's what you are, correct? A Minny?" Astroll asks. "I... I don't know.... the name rings a bell, but..." "Okay. Well, little Minny, the creature you ran into... from what Kirby has told me, his name is one of many none know. Simply put, we don't know what he's called. BUT... it is said you need more than a miracle to stop him, so we decided to call him 'Nottymiracle'." "Naughty Miracle!? What kind of name is that!?" "No, 'Not... e... miracle'. 'Not e...ven a... miracle'." "Um... okay. Silly name, though. Why not call it something like 'Dark Matter Invul', for 'Invulnerable'?" "No, becuase he is not invulnerable. Kirby has beaten him before." "Oh. Okay. Why not--" "That would be enough on the matter, thank you. All right? All right." So, the group agreed to join together and carry on through the jungle.

The trek was dangerous, painful, and made everyone hungry, smelly, and tired. A tree got caught in Dedede's hat, so they spent an hour getting him off the tree. By the end, they reached a mountain range. This trek was even MORE dangerous and painful. Finally, they reached a volcano. Frankly, none of them had any idea where they were going. They realized it would be unwise to enterthe volcano, so they hiked up it. At the top was something beyond anyone could've ever imagined.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had dreamed of this place in my visions, but never would I have thought I'd get to be here. A rainbow was circling a large spire, which was emerging from the ground. The spire was pure gold, and engraved onto it was, "Fight all evils... good luck, Minny." Minny? Am I truly... Minny? So... this is not a mere name for my species? At the top of the spire was a floating star, glowing as bright as the rest of the architecture. The thing most noticible is the fact that it's missing something... something... I can't put my finger on. All I know is that it has something to do with the spire, and the large, gold throne at the bottom. Also, in my visions... this piece of furniture was... somewhere else. Not at the top of the volcano, but... floating. Yes, floating! Floating in the place all my visions took place in... a place that always made me feel scared. It was... it was red, almost beehive-like. There was barely a floor, and the walls... what walls? The area around me was moving... like a red shadow. But... what was missing?

"Minny? MINNY? Oh, just wake up and look!" Astroll yelled. Somehow, this made Minny focus. "So... your name is Minny..." Astroll said. "The place of my dreams..." Minny mumbled. Kirby's eyes were fixed on the star at the top. "What is it, Kirby? Oh, right! It's the Warp Star!" Kracko Junior yelled. Kirby jumped up and grabbed it, and the other three jumped on. They took off, and unknowingly left Minny behind.

What was missing from this thing? Wait... where'd the others go? "Guys? GUYS?" I yelled. No answer. As I ran to the other end of the spire, I could've sworn I heard a whisper. "Minny..." It said. I turned around, and it was just the spire. However, something changed... I thought I saw a large, white ball in the throne. It disappeared quickly. Running to the other side, I heard the whisper again. Turning around, I screamed.

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