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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Kirby and the Mystery Of Shivering (Hoshi no Kaabii part 9)

"Ah, who cares about the squirt? We're in Shiver Star now, Kirby! Say... this place is cold..." King Dedede shivered. Kirby didn't listen. He could sense something. Something odd. "Uh... Kirby, if I may ask a question... if Dark Star is in the middle of the Star System... why don't we just fly to the middle? ...Instead of flying along the planets in a circle..." Astroll asks. Kirby looked at Astroll, a determined look on his face. Astroll knew this meant, "I know what I'm doing." so, he slowly nodded. Kirby nodded back, and looked ahead into the blizzard.

The steps were freezing, crunchy, and gave everyone colds. This was very bad for Kracko Jr, since he was but an eyeball. ...An eyeball with premature clouds surrounding it, anyway. Kirby suddenly stopped. "...What?" Dedede asked. Kirby stood there for a few seconds, then collapsed. The others gasped and ran to his aid.

Kirby's mind was buzzing with blabbers and gibberrish, but when translated, can cause anyone to faint. One of the more important questions in Kirby's mind was, "If the Dark Matter are here... is it here as well?" This question... Kirby already knew the answer. He knew it all too well. Remember the voice Kirby heard in Aqua Star? That pretty much answered it for him. Another important question was, "Is Minny okay?" and yet another, "If it did return... wouldn't Dark Star have returned, as well?" The latter was the reason he didn't fly straight to the middle of the star system. He wasn't sure if Dark Star was even there! That can cause a problem in Kirby's life, because one trip to the middle and back wastes around three hours. In three hours, all the planets could blow up! It could unleash its evilness into the worlds! Kirby, as well, knew 'Its' name, but would dare not think it, let alone say it. At least, not until he was sure it was alive. I mean, absolutely sure. As in, saw it for himself. Last time he fought it, Kirby barely got out alive. Last time, it was as if he was speeding through a black hole three times the size of the Star System! As for the fight before that, Kirby was speeding through some sort of warp zone. Kirby awoke to the smell of hot chocolate.

It flew through space, searching for its next victim. The humongus white eyeball laughed maniacally, and whispered, in a deep voice, "It hurts. It really hurts." Then, it started sobbing. "Yet, I cannot cry... for when I do.... it hurts. It really hurts." As it turned around, its face was covered in blood. "Tears... tears... they hurt. They burn. They burn too much. I want my freedom. Freedom... to have wings again. The pink star warrior... he... he shot my wing off. Without two wings to maintain balance, one wing alone cannot lift up my spirits... let alone... my rage. My other wing fell off as all darkness disappeared. I was brought back to life... by that little thing. That tiny thing... the one who cared of me." It closed its eye, and sighed. "Now that I have found you, Minny... we can be together at last. You care of me, I care of you, happiness can once again be restored." Then, it paused. It opened its eye and stared at Shiver Star's moon. "And yet... it hurts. It really hurts. As long as the pink star warrior is alive and coming for me, for my beloved men... nothing can ease the tempest that melts... my skin... away." It looks to a nearby planet, Ripple Star, and thinks for a moment. "I know what I must do. Time to call for Miracle Matter." It flies down to Ripple Star, and silently cries blood.

It. It. It called me, cried for me, and I was glad to come back to it. It. It.......... Ze--It. It. It. Where is it? Oh, going for Nottymiracle? Okay. Fine by me. By the way, it's not 'Nottymiracle', it's 'Miracle Matter'. Not IT, but the other it. Yes, the one with the hundreds of eyes. In each eye, I see my future. The Star System's future. The universe's future. OUR future. It is a happy one. I just wish IT was happy, though. It won't stop until Kirby stops looking for it. It doesn't want to kill Kirby, just to stop him from looking for us. For it. For Ze--it. Its wings... they were made of flesh. ITS flesh. That's why it shrinks when it gets second power. Not only its flesh, but its blood. Its blood. It has lost so much blood... so much. It has learned to use its own blood as a weapon. They say Dark Matter's red blobs are also its blood. Blood. Everywhere. So much. Scary. It leaves a trail of blood, or at least, it will. The trail will lead Kirby straight to it. When it reveals itself, all will be well, right? Right? I have a feeling... no...

"Wake up, Kirby!" Astroll yelled. Kirby instantly woke up when he smelled the hot cocoa. "Kirby, there's a trail of blood over here!" Astroll pointed at blood stains making a path somewhere. Kirby gasped, his pupils widened, and he realized. "Itta summa udda side!" Kirby screamed. Kirby ran as fast as he could, following the trail through teleports until he reached Ripple Star...

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