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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Got A Very Confusing Question! / The Quest Of Sean... Kinda

I thought up a very hard question. This is a question no one person can answer. I have tested the theories on answers, all came up negative. Can you think of an answer, I do not know. You see, as soon as I ask the question, you will think you know the answer. However, I will show you lots of possibilities for how what you say can NOT be correct. "Because" is not an answer.

Are you ready?
Okay, here's the question........

You just answered it.

So, let's look over the theories: "Yes"= Incorrect. Ask yourself if you are 100% ready. You might mess up. You might forget the answer. You might forget the question. Why you would be ready, yet no one else is is beyond me.

"No"= the most correct, yet still incorrect. You might be ready. For all I know, you might have been prepared since you were born. Remember: You can't change your answer. Even if you could, as soon as you say you ARE ready, what then could be anything. You might start wondering if you really are ready, which will mess up your concentration. You might die, from a heart attack from worrying about being ready. For all we know, you may end up with the symptoms of the above hypothesis.

Simply put, "No" is the most (yet not completely) correct, while "Yes" is the most misunderstood (yet sometimes correct).

Let's say I want to have a little debate against you; a little one. Very little.

"Are you ready for the debate?" "Yeah, of course, I know all the answers."

I step up to the podium and say: "Geno. Give me opinions. Now."

You get confused, and wonder. This completely messes your chances of being taken seriously.

You know what happened? You weren't ready. Oh, look at that.

Now, let's rewrite history a little bit.

"Are you ready for the debate?" "No.... he's much too smart, I'm letting Bob answer it for me."

I step up to the podium and say, "(Thing you know most about). Give me opinions. Now."

Bob stands, confused. You know what happened? You were ready. Oh, look at that.

These are the things I think about as I walk into a door, unaware of my surroundings.

Next topic, please!

'Kay. I've been working on a game made entirely OF and ON paper. It stars (so far) completely original characters.... sorta. Know what it's called? No. No, you don't. Take one wild guess.

I'll give you a few more lines to think it over.

A few more.


So, you catch that football game last night? Yeah, no, no you didn't.


...Not from what date this is, anyway. Maybe if you read this later.


Mmmm.... ice cream.

Thought it over yet? No? Okay... a few more lines....

Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he...

He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl, and he called for his fiddlers three.

And the clock. Tick tock. On the mantlepiece. And I want. And I feel. And I know. And I touch.

The wall!

Got it? Good. It's called... Sean 4: Springs Of War. Betcha never thought of that, huh? Yeah, of course you did...n't. Yeah, yeah, no, nope. Pronounced "Shawn". Not "Cyan". My name's not Sean, it's Jordan, there's a long story behind it, and I'm telling you every bit of it.

Sean told me to make a comic of him. I drew him jump off a building and get eaten by some random crocodile. He liked it and made a sequel: He came back from the dead and killed me. I made another: My brother hears the gunshot and tries to avenge me, in the end, I come back to life. He made another: We hang out and defy the laws of time and space. I make an epic three-pager: Hanging out, we spot a giant meteor heading for Earth. SUPA JORDAN AND SUPA SEAN come to rescue. We somehow get lives, and lose them hilariously. In the end, Anghell (brother's nickname) and Sean duel as I fall down and land on a crocodile, crushing it, and I survive. I still have two lives left, but my other friend says "Hi", scares me, and I die (twice at the same time) from surprise. (I get to wear a cape as Supa Jordan, in the comic, not in life) I decide to make a game! Sean the Game I call it, where you play as a stickman at a lake. Along the shore, you find an old man. It's Sean! Sean was turned old by the evil wizard, and you have to travel to faraway (planet) VGT (don't ask and don't get answer) to stop him! About 11 or 12 ways to die, can't remember. Then, I make a sequel: Sean 2: Sean and Cake , where you are a stickman on a rooftop. Sean asks you to get him a cake. (say no and he pushes you off the building) You go around, looking hard, and find one. Depending on what missions you did, you get scored. (Lowest, I think, was either "Jon" or "Idiot", or something like that, highest: "Game Master") My new friend decided to make Sean 3, so I'm currently making the ULTIMATE GAME TO END ALL PAPERY GAMES OF ALL PAPERY SEANY GOODNESS! Yeah, I've made 7 levels so far. It won't be "Choose a path" style. It's "Platformer" style. I found a way to get that to work. ON PAPER. NO PROGRAMS AT ALL.

The epicstoryline? Here:

You are a stickman exploring the Stick-Place when you find a strange building. Inside, traps, puzzles, and bad guys await you. Along the roof, you find a little spring-shaped creature (more like a lightning bolt, but still) whose name is "Springo." You survive his traps and just barely escape the clutches of the giant "Springa". Springo tells you Springa was a pawn, and goes MANO A MANO on you. You beat him, and reach a city. In the city, you need to give this train-guy coffee, so you visit the nearest coffee shop-- in the Valley of Sprang. Springo took the coffee, and he gave it to his newest minion: The Mysterious Mister S. Suspense! Mr. S duels you, you get the coffee, and take the train to an airborne station. Funny thing, really, because you open the door and-- SLAM! Right onto the ground like a rock. In the background is a castle, where Springa takes his revenge. Through hard labor, Springo challenges you to a race: You versus Mr. S. He's fast, but you're faster. Much faster. So, Springo teleports you to the Global Gaming Center (GGC), and you solve more puzzles. In the end, you find the legendary Gateway to VGT.

...And that's as far into the game I got. I've got some more minions planned: Mr. J, Prof. J,
Dr. J, Mr. J Junior, Mr. J-h, Prof. B, Mr. C, Mr. H, and maybe some more. These are all based on Mr. L from Super Paper Mario, Luigi brainwashed. The Spring's goal here is to brainwash all humans into working for them. So far, the only Brainwashed I have are my friends who wanted to be let in. They all have the same 'uniform', shoes, gloves, and a scarf. I love the scarf. Mr. L had these, too. Oh, and a mask. Forgot about the mask. Yeah... a huge chunk of the game is based on the Paper Mario series. A majority of the puzzles, too. And the Save Blocks come straight from it! And the badges.

Now, to get the idea of what the Brainwasheds' uniforms look like... here's Mr. L's first appearance in Super Paper Mario (for a reference)! See that? Of course, it won't be green. It's be black. (I only have a pencil, what do you expect? Purple?)

Uh... can't tell you anything else, or I'll be... SPOILING YOU... Hehehe...

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