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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Speck Of Blood (Hoshi no Kaabii part 11)

(3 months later)

Kirby slowly stepped through the Ripple Palace, along with his pals. At the center of the palace, they were congratulated on perishing evil from the Star System, since they couldn't have a ceremony for 3 whole months. Busy schedule, you see. King Dedede gladly accepted the fame, but Kirby sadly stared up at the window above, into the skies. He liked the amazing red color on the stained glass, though. Astroll looked up, and smiled. He turned to the Queen of Ripple Star and said, "That's a lovely shade of red you have up there!" The Queen looked puzzled, and said, "But... our windows aren't red..." Kirby heard this and gasped. Worrying, he ran straight out of the palace. His friends saw him and ran to his aid, but Kracko Jr. didn't. He didn't see Kirby. This would be his mistake.

It. It returns. Now. Now. Not later. Now. Now is our revenge. Mine. Its. Not just 0. No. Something else. I laugh. I cry. I wait. Impatiently. It happens now.

"Kirby, what's wrong?" Astroll asked. Kirby gibbled and cried. King Dedede looked around, nervously. "Wait... where's Kracko Junior?" Then, the three turned slowly to see a bloodshed in the palace. Bodies were everywhere, some stil alive. Those alive quickly disappeared seconds later, into who-knows-where. Kirby carefully tip-toed inside, and tried not to touch anything. He screamed as he saw Kracko Junior, bloodshot, in the center. Dedede refrained from screaming, as he saw what was creeping up behind Kirby. It was a tiny Waddle Dee, a shadowy aura surrounding it, and it was about to grab Kirby! "Minny! Stop!" Astroll yelled as he dived for Minny. She turned around and grabbed him, then disappeared before Kirby even had the chance to turn around. "Huh?" Kirby said as he saw Dedede pale.

As I approach him, I feel the fear rushing through his body. Who can't? It's shown by his stature! Yes.... the fear.... I want it. IT...... I WANT IT! Take a running jump!

Dedede disappeared in an instant, and Kirby thought he saw a purple blur grab him. "Me.... me all aloooooony... agiiin..." He babbled. "Awwww... all... alone... my prey? Impossible! I won't allow it! So, I ask you, please turn around." A deep voice said. Kirby reluctantly turned around. As he did, his entire life flashed before his eyes. All of his fears awoke as he saw the halo. He looked down, noticing the bloody face. Just seeing the face made him petrified. The humongus wingspan... it destroyed the wall just to come out halfway. However, the scariest thing was the familiar face. But, it was much bigger than he was expecting. So big, that the palace alone can't contain it. The creature roared ferociously. "Zuh...................................................." Kirby froze in place. He could not say another thing. "I must tell you something.... guess who killed Kracko?"

He never meant to hurt anyone. Never. Hurt. Instead, everyone killed him. When killed by EVERYONE......... what choice do you have? Kirby stood no chance. The foolish Waddle Dee has been taken to possessing. The same with the King. We killed both Krackos, and we are thinking of what to do with Kirby. However, I know he will die. I don't know how he won't.

Kirby woke up in a factory somewhere, cold and hungry. Just as he was about to yawn, he jumped up and to the side. SMASH! A large machine was about to crush him. THEN he yawned. Seeing a dangerous, firey machine coming towards him from the left, he instantly dashed away. Nearby, a knight was laughing. "What a foolish puffball." He chuckled. Running as fast as he can, Kirby made it out of the factory. He was now in a magnificent city, skyscrapers touching the skies. Looking around, he saw a large sign that read, "Shuttle to other Stars: This Exit" He saw the road heading straight forward, and ran onto it. The path was strangely silent, with no cars, people, transportation, or ANYTHING besides some machinery sounds, which Kirby assumed to be the factory. Oh, how he was wrong. He could see the destination in the distance as the machinery sounds got louder. Kirby looked to his right and saw a gigantic robot lifting its fist up. Kirby stared, and quickly came to his senses, then ran away. The robot's fist had destroyed the road Kirby was standing on.

HR-H, the strongest fighting machine. The factory in Shiver Star was building it, and just finished making it. With ultra-deluxe missiles, sweet padding for the pilot (if any), and even three cup holders. Kirby doesn't stand a chance.

HR-H fired a laser from its eye at Kirby, who just dodged it. Suddenly, Kirby took its fist and shot it back at it. No pain given at all.

Oh, did I mention you can only damage it through the fists? The very tips of the fist, or no pain.

Kirby didn't know what to do, so he screamed. Quickly thinking, he ate one of the missiles and shot it at the fists. HR-H staggered to stand, and Kirby got an idea. He ran up to a building with sharp edges and fooled HR-H into punching the sharp edge. But when Kirby thought he won, HR-H flew onto the highway and transformed.

Then, just as HR-H's defences are uprooted, we were glad to have installed HR-E! This mole-shaped machine has double the defence, double the power, and double the speed. Kirby can't win!

Kirby ran for his life, trying to reach the building ahead. HR-E was too fast, though. It raised two claws and got ready to crush him, but Kirby confused it. HR-E attacked itself! It self-destructed and sent Kirby flying towards Neo Star.

Yeah, we also installed the humongus self-destruct sequence that can send anyone flying into oblivion.

Kirby landed on the top of the volcano. Suddenly, he remembered the Warp Star at the top of the spire. He hopped up and turned around, then stared, petrifyed. "Expecting someone.... ELSE?"

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