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Friday, May 4, 2007

Minny's Message... (part 8) of It.

All of my dreams came back to me now, as I saw it. It. I saw it. It. It. The it itself. It was the most horrifying thing... more horrifying than seeing Nottymiracle. It. It. Its name rings through my head right at this moment, but I cannot speak it. It is brainwashing me. It. It. It is. It IS, I swear. Join it. There is no beating it. It will command its army of shadows and rule the universe. Its home planet has been gone for a while, so it created its own. Kirby destroyed it, so it rejoiced. It. It. It. It. It. It is causing me more fear than knowing its name. Its name is scary itself. It never actually had a home planet, but more of its own dimension. Its own zone. It. It. Its name is not 'It' in case you are curious about it. I know its name. It... it... it... it... the brainwashing is nearly complete. It made us. It made me. It made Kirby. It made you. It made the world, Pop Star, Rock Star, Aqua Star, Neo Star, Shiver Star, Ripple Star, and Dark Star... its seven other creations aside from Dark Star were made to counteract the evil. It needed to counteract so it could attack. It could attack. Full throttle, it can. It can. Now. No stopping it. Kirby is off to Shiver Star, which it made. The closer you are to Dark Star, the more it will impact you. It. It. It can. It will. It is attacking you now. As I speak of it, you are falling victim. Victim. You. It. Now. It is big. It was happy. Then it saw Kirby. Then it lost its happiness. It lost its mouth. It lost one eye. It lost. It won't lose now. It can't lose now. It impacts our hearts. It gets rid of our hearts. It takes all hope, just as Kirby took its. It. It.... it... it... it. Where is it? It was just here. It is gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. As is my hope. As is my happiness. As is my heart. As is my soul. Did I mention it takes souls? It used to have one. It used to live in peace. It met an evil King. It. It. It. The evil king harnessed it. For the wrong reasons. It now wants revenge. Carved by the hands of nothing... of zero... of absolute... of dogma. Yes. Dogma. Everything. It is nothing. It is everything. It. It. It. To the second power, it wishes to return. Second power. It. It and second power... combine perfectly. It. If you don't read my entire thing, it will get you. It knows of no such 'fourth wall'. Only hate. In second power, it can reach third. I don't wish for it to reach third. Third is bad for it. I sense danger coming with its eternal power of third power. Its face. Its face. It. It. Face carved by nothing. Face... face... face...... used to be a smile. Used to be it had a grin. Now it is grim. I wonder if it will ever find peace again. In its cage, it sees all. It. It. It. It. It. It. It. I am crazy becuase of it. It is crazy because of Kirby. It used to be angry because of the evil king. Kirby drove it crazy. It is eternal. It requires more than all the miracles it has produced. It produced miracles. Now that it is crazy, it does not. No more miracles. This is why I fear. Fear. Fear of it. It. It at third power. Power. Enough power. Second power is crazy enough. When Kirby comes to it, it is. I can not think of its craziness at third with Kirby. Poor it. Lost. Lost. Lost. It. Lost. It. It. Lost. Lost within Dark Star. I fear. It. It will get us all. Where do all the hope going? Where? I fear. I fear. It drove me crazy. It. It. Iiiiiiiit. Iiiiit. Zeeeero. Zeeero. Zero. Zero. Nothing. Nothing. Not at all. No. No. Can't be. It. Chaos. It has enough chaos in its mind. Enough. It. Where? Who? A flower? It. It. It. Flower. No. It is not a flower. Its face resembles one, but it is not one. I fear. It. Hyper Zone. The legendary Hyper Zone. It. Its zone. Its home planet is a zone. Is the Hyper Zone its home zone? I believe so. Is it trying to kill us? I know so. I do not think so. I know so. It. Kirby. Kirby. It. Dark Matter. It commands Dark Matter. It is not a Dark Matter. Master, what are you? ...Shush, it is talking. Yes. Of course. It. It. Yes. I understand it now. It is the god. It is god. It. God. It. It. The devil, Kirby, attacked it at its weakest point. When attacked, it lost its frown. Heaven was Hell, Kirby raided Heaven. It is speaking more. I am needed in Dark Star. It. it. It. I must go. Spread the word of it. Spread. It. Now. Quick. It.

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