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Monday, September 10, 2007

Kirby Returns! (Hoshi no Kaabii part 13)

After a few minutes of flying, Kirby reached Shiver Star. He carefully landed on the surface and took a look at his surroundings. The city. He's close to the factory. Kirby began his search for the factory where his friends are most likely being kept.

How much time is left, is the question constantly popping into my head. These strange things are keeping me here in this black hole, telling me I'll "be going soon." What does that mean? Every time I ask them, they always reply with "When it returns." I don't even know what 'it' is, but one thing's for sure- the moment I get to go out there and stab me some puffball, I'll be happier than I could ever imagine.

0... did you blow up with the volcano? What happened to you? "...I have been thinking, little one..." yes, what is it, 02? "I do not want to kill Kirby. Nor do I want to completely devour all brightness... why do my men insist on engulfing all worlds until the shadow pressure builds up and everything dies?" 0 asked me. This, I could understand. I looked at him in the wrong way, like I was shocked, but secretly... I agree with him. This, he knew. "By the way... Minnie... do you have any idea what Project: Protect is?" I felt scared when he mentioned this. How did 0 learn about this? I quickly abandoned my fear and shook my head. "N-no, sir, no I do not." I musn't allow him to learn about this. "Hmm... all right, Minnie. I believe you. However, should you come upon but one scintillating excerpt from such a mysterious marvel, it is advised, suggested, and ordered that you refer said excerpt to me." I nodded my head, and 02 flew away. Oh, my. I could tell that 02 is quite serious about this. He never uses the words "scintillating," "marvel," OR "excerpt" anymore. And, how did he even know that Project: Protect was scintillating? How did he know what it was? How did he even know it was part of a greater piece of literature?

Hello, and welcome to the Rebellion Manual. This manual is used only by Dark Matter that wish to rebel against the steadily decreasing quality of 02's power. "'Steadily decreasing'? Why would those traitors say I am steadily decreasing in quality? I am actually INCREASING in quality! Anyway, skim ahead, skim ahead... ah." Chapter 6: Project: Protect. Note: In order to increase security, the following chapter was written entirely in a foreign language. Very foreign. Then, to increase security even more, the chapter was translated into Webdings.

L'uomo ha diventare l'agnello. L'agnello ha guardato indietro l'uomo. "prego, agnello... che cosa è il mio destino?" L'uomo ha chiesto. L'agnello ha risposto nel ritorno, "sarete sotto un righello mighty. Questo righello sembrerà inizialmente stupefacente, ma più successivamente sembrerà soltanto come uno psico dictator. Per arrestare questo destino dall'accadere, dovete distruggere 2." "2?" "2 come doppia cifra." "... vedo. Grazie, agnello." L'uomo girato indietro e diretto verso la sua città natale e seguito questo destino, allora vivo felicemente mai dopo. La morale da questa storia? DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. RIBELLE.

Kirby found himself locked in the large factory, and heard the silent footsteps of the masked knight. "Hello... star warrior. Finally, I have been allowed to finish you... once... and... for... all. Stay still, and lest my sword be none the weaker!"