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Thursday, July 31, 2008

YouTube News!

Whaddya know, if you check YouTube, I'm finally there.

In fact,

Would happen to be me. Check it out sometime, will ya?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kirby VS the Masked Knight (Hoshi no Kaabii part 14)

(Note: What the? I can't change the font style anymore! *sigh* Well, you'll just have to, I dunno, figure out who's talking.)

Kirby babbled, "No! No! No fat! Me no veelence!" but Meta Knight couldn't stop himself from charging forward, preparing to strike. So, Kirby did the only thing he could do; he dodged.

HAHAHA!!! Finally, the moment has come! The moment where Kirby and I duel to the death! And yet... somehow, I'm not fighting him on purpose.... I just am.... fighting him without wanting to. I don't quite understand what's going on.

The fight raged on for a while before Kirby decided to quickly end this. He found a factory machine, and managed to slam it onto Meta Knight's sword. "What? Urgh... my... my sword! I can't... lift the machine..... grr... This fight's not over! You hear me?! We'll fight again someday, and we'll FINISH THIS!!!" Meta Knight screamed as he attempted to lift the machine to get the sword underneath. Kirby just ran deeper into the factory. As stated before, saving his friends was priority one.

It. It. What's wrong, It? "I... I.... found Project: Protect. I can't believe this." Oh, dear. Um... I'm sorry I did not tell you of this sooner. "No, no, that's not the problem." Really? Then, what is? "I can't read Webdings."

Despite all of Kirby's efforts, he did not succeed in finding his friends. Really, it's just because he doesn't know the factory that well. Still, he looked, and he looked, but he just couldn't find anyone familiar. He found a lot of random Waddle Dees, though. Brainwashed, but random. Sad, and devoid of hope, Kirby left the factory. Now, he didn't just not have his friends, he didn't know where to go. He was lost on another world... a world controlled by shadows. Tears coming to his eyes, Kirby lay on the ground, and slowly closed his eyes.

I am sorry for lying to you, 02. "It is... quite all right. As long as you will help me now." Very well. Good. Yes. I will. What must I help with? "First, translate this Project: Protect thing for me." Um... okay. I shall. *a-hem* .... let me see...

L'uomo ha diventare l'agnello. L'agnello ha guardato indietro l'uomo. "prego, agnello... che cosa è il mio destino?" L'uomo ha chiesto. L'agnello ha risposto nel ritorno, "sarete sotto un righello mighty. Questo righello sembrerà inizialmente stupefacente, ma più successivamente sembrerà soltanto come uno psico dictator. Per arrestare questo destino dall'accadere, dovete distruggere 2." "2?" "2 come doppia cifra." "... vedo. Grazie, agnello." L'uomo girato indietro e diretto verso la sua città natale e seguito questo destino, allora vivo felicemente mai dopo. La morale da questa storia? DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. DISTRUGGA 02. RIBELLE.

"I can see something about me around the end... and 'ribelle,' which I assume means 'rebel.' You don't suppose you could translate Italian?" I suppose I could. Let me see. Hmm....

L' man came up to l' lamb. L' lamb has watched l' man. " I pray, lamb… what is my destiny? " L' man asked. L' lamb answered, " You will be under a lord mighty. This lord will seem initially narcotic, but more successively it will seem only like a dictator. In order to stop this destiny from happening, you must destroy 2." " 2? " " 2." " … I see. Thanks, sir." L' man turned and directed towards its city born them and followed this destiny, then lived happily ever after. The moral from this story? DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. DESTROY 02. REBEL.

Oh, my. This was in the Rebellion Manual? "I knew this would happen eventually... such is why I made you my second in command." "Wait a minute. This.... tiny waddle dee is your second in command? I thought I was your second in command, sir!" "Miracle Matter..." "I should have known that little runt would get all the glory. ...and she showed you Project: Protect, too? I knew she'd be nothing but trouble!" "Are you saying that you.... support this project?" "All right, FINE. I admit it. I was the leader of the project." "That's IT. Forget second in command, Mircacle Matter... you are lucky to be even ALIVE after today! You are hereby banished from the Dark Star... you are fired! If I ever see your twenty faces again, I will kill you myself." There was a slight pause. Suddenly, I couldn't believe my eyes-- 02 was attacked by Miracle Matter! STOP! STOP FIGHTING, PLEASE!!! So, they stopped fighting. "Why should I listen to YOU? You're.... you're what cost me my job. I... I'm leaving." "Yes, you had BETTER." ..what......just...... "I am not quite sure, Minny." After taking a few deep breaths, I was shocked to hear 02 tell me, "I think I have a task for you."

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Guess what?! I wrote this on my Wii!

Also, I'm thinking of making more Kaabii.