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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Kid

Listened to Kid A last night. Been meaning to get into Radiohead all this time. So I popped it on and I came up with my own little interpretation of the album!

(Note: Interpretation is purely subjective, lyrically inaccurate, and still tentative. Will expand.)

So everything's in its right place when in comes Anthony. He is a miscount according to his country's laws, so he needs to disappear (He becomes so caught up in trying to disappear that he convinces himself he does not exist.). He does not exist..... and he begins to sprout trees with everything he touches, until everything around him becomes a wild forest. At first, he greets this world with much optimism while out in the real world his body is wandering the streets. His body wanders into a market while in his mind he has left the forest and is now traveling the oceans.. where he washes up on a beach. He sees the ice age coming and sets up a fire... in real life (Birds are coming on the beach! Birds! Birds! But it's really people screaming as the fire spreads.). The story picks up an undetermined amount of time later as the morning bell wakes Anthony up in a safe apartment somewhere (He cannot tell whether he is really in the apartment or if this is just in his head. Sooner or later, everything blends together.) Finally, as his mind ponders on whether or not life is but a film, Anthony becomes lost to his thoughts. ..however.. the forest has burned down. Anthony's mind is represented in song for the remainder of the album.

Afterwards, I listened to the accompaniment album, Amnesiac. I came up with an interpretation to that, too!

Here we have the residents, packed like sardines in a crushed tin box (Their town is tiny, and they do not get chances to expand.). One resident (the Amnesiac) wakes up to find the town has grown greatly and is still growing (This allows the residents to enjoy brand new opportunities, new aspects of life! But the Amnesiac can't help but feel that there's something wrong with this.). Life begins to enter a revolving cycle.. except for the trees (The trees grow with every cycle. The Amnesiac notices this and comments.). The others shun the Amnesiac and so he prepares to either fight or run, his thoughts are kindled and we see him debate with himself that he might be wrong. So the Amnesiac takes out his knives.. and begins cutting down the forest. The morning bell begins ringing... and the Amnesiac wakes up in the middle of the forest with his memory gone. In the Amnesiac's mind he creates a complex world with civilization and money (In his mind, there is Kid A's universe; in Anthony's mind, there is Amnesiac's universe.). Abruptly, some other residents show up and mess around (The Amnesiac attempts to chase them off but the scuffle creates a fire.). The Amnesiac becomes distracted by the fire and tries his best to prevent it from getting larger. In the end, he gets lost in his mind once he sees the fire get too big (In his mind, he watches some sort of film.. about Kid A. Throughout the movie, snippets of his own life show up as his life flashes before his eyes.).

But yeah, for now, I'm just going to talk about Kid A.

I liked Kid A. A lot.

Just.. I dunno. Everything about it. The album art, the lack of lyrics in the liner notes (instead, the art provided is gorgeous), the whole openness of how the album is interpreted, the name, ..and hell, it sounded stunning. I found myself putting it back on as background music later that night! But, halfway through the first track, I had completely forgotten about what I was already doing, and instead I was just lying on my bed, staring at the paintings on my walls, lost in the music.

No album has made me feel this way before. Kid A has opened up my emotions to musical interference.

So, y'see, usually my emotions are just.. numb. A couple years back, I suddenly started feeling films, crying during them, feeling everything the protagonist did. Now I'm starting to do that with music! Why, shortly after my second listening of Kid A, I popped Coldplay's Viva la Vida on, and the musical outro to "Death and All of His Friends" gave me a sudden vision which invoked powerful emotions I didn't even know I could possibly feel anymore. I may talk about that later.

Also. I listened to Kid A for a third time a few hours ago. Still as mesmerizing as ever. "Everything in its Right Place" and "Treefingers" blow my mind to smithereens every time. ^^;

Then again. My musical opinions, interpretations, personal experiences, and emotions don't mean much. I'm still just a kid.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Log Entry #34

Oh right. Hi.

They came. They didn't help. They just abandoned me. I've sorta been.. lost ever since.

Now, we've moved houses. This new house is nice. ..I have a girlfriend now. Long-distance. It's the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I just wish my emotions weren't exploding.

Dammit, social services, why did you have to abandon me?