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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey, how long's it been?

Seriously, how long HAS it been? Well, in case you forgot, I'm DJay32, the owner of this blog. *sigh* My old blog's finally pushing up dasies. Go ahead, TRY and go to Give it a try.

Well, I know my activity's been... aw, who am I kidding; I've been about as active as much as George Bush cares for our environment. Really, I've been catering to my other fans-- the fans of Dark Chao Adventures, a series which I haven't shown here. In fact, one fan made a blog about the series and invited me to be an Admin in it around mid-October, and that's where I've been since. Here, I'll give you the link. I'm not the ONLY one who posts there; mLe (the fan) does post sometimes. Yet, I'm the one who contributes the most.

If you wanna know more about DCA, I recommend you visit the official website: There you'll find news, the scripts, info, and some fan service (fan pics, memorials, etc).

And, uh... yes, Kaabii will be finished; just don't expect it anytime soon. Perhaps expect some more installments once someone compliments me on it, like what happened with DCA. Uh... see ya when I see ya.