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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Kirby Meets the Shadows... Well, RE-Meets. (Kirby part 6)

While the others were busy looking around town, Kirby took a closer look at the tower. It was made of brick, and it was very old. Just as Kirby found a window, he heard a crash from inside. Quickly and inconspicuously, he peeked through the window. The very same man who kidnapped Meta Knight was in there, lying down in a pile of rubble. The man looked worn out, beaten up, and hanging by a thread. "S....sir... I... I didn't... know. It was... dark...." The man groaned. Kirby heard something he'd never forget... ever again. An extremely deep voice, too deep to understand, said inaudble words. Kirby heard a few, "Knight....... Pink.... Warrior.... Star... Kill..." These words scared Kirby, for pink warrior and star sounded like him! He was so scared, he let out a whimper. Then, Kirby heard what would haunt him for the rest of his life... an eerie whisper right by his ear...area. "What are you looking at? Get out... before I send my minions for you. Before... META KNIGHT... kills you. Go, now!" It sounded like the deep voice he just heard, only fiercer. Instantly, Kirby turned and ran.

"So... Mace Knight... you don't know what happened to him?" Trident Knight asked me. "No... I'm assuming he's either still in the factory, or was killed." I responded, surprisingly calm. "Ah, yes... of course. Well, we have no time to go back now. Even with a miracle on our side..." He told me, depressed. There was silence for a few minutes, until I broke it by asking, "Trident Knight... I wish to know... what ARE those foul things?" He sighed, and answered with one long answer. "They... they are the worst things to ever invade us. They are our future... they are our remains... our past... they are dark matter themselves. That's right... Dark Matter. I know what you're thinking... 'But that's impossible!' Well... it ain't. Prophecies have told of their return, but who would've thought they'd come... so soon? How old are you?" "19." "Nineteen, eh? I see. So, you were too young to remember... it was a holocaust. They came, invaded, and possessed some. I heard a Waddle Dee was possessed, a young girl, and a king penguin, to name a few. It was the Ripple War... the Dark War III. ...Or was it Dark War IV? All I know is... this is the Dark War VI. Yes, the sixth one. We first discovered Dark Matter during the times of the Second Dreamland. They came, they did, and they possessed that king penguin... then the Star Warrior came and fought it off. He fought it off as the King, as the Knight, and as the Night. Then, during the time of the Third Dreamland, the lord of Dark Matter was introduced... the all-purpose, all-knowing-- ACK!" Trident Knight screamed as he collapsed. A Dark Matter had possessed him. "ThIs BeInG kNoWs ToO mUcH..." Then, the transformation was complete. "...And so do you." It said to me. At this very moment, I realized how deep I was in trouble. So, I ran.

"What's wrong, Kirby?" Astroll asked as he saw the puffball running into a wall. Kirby was pale, his shoes were an odd shade of pink, and his pupils were tiny. Just at this moment, they all saw an explosion in the sky. "That's strange... the explosion was at the coordinates of-- oh, fuzzlebumpkins." Astroll said. Kracko Jr. came and said, "What?" "...Pop Star blew up." The entire group went silent. Then, Dedede said, "Whoops... I left the oven on. That must be why." "Put a sock in it, King..." Kracko responded, not amused. "Oh, if ONLY we knew why it blew up!" Astroll shouted into the air.

A few hours earlier, on Pop Star, a Waddle Dee just walked into a bar. He stretched his arms and sat down. He waved to the bartender, and fainted as he turned around. The entire half of the bar was nothing... nothing at all. All shadows. As in, it was all black. A few grumbles were heard, then a hand made of shadows pulled the fainted Waddle Dee into nothingness. A few seconds later, a Waddle Dee a few shades darker than normal walked out. He also had a mean expression on his face, and one large eye. As this happened, more of the bar was slowly being engulfed in darkness. Suddenly, football came on TV, and hundreds of Waddle Dees came rushing in. "Perfect... more food for us..." a voice was heard from the shadows. Within minutes, the entire bar and three miles around it were engulfed in darkness! Slowly, as more and more creatures were pulled in, eventually the entire planet was engulfed. When this happened, a strange, giant, white ball flew out and said in a booming voice, "CONTRACT!" The shadows did so, enough to exert enough pressure to make the planet's core implode. That caused an explosion. The white ball turned around, revealing a small, red eye surrounded by strange, red markings. "... Absolute nothingness... I need... MORE..." it whispered.

End of the world... it has finally come. Is all life just... meaningless? In my life... do I recall... what am I saying? I don't... I don't 'recall' anything. It's all empty... my mind is a complete... an absolute... nothing. Dark Matter will take over... absorb all life... turn everything into darkness... just as I, a tiny Waddle Dee, am about to. My only two friends in this place... Mace and Trident Knight... they're gone...... as far as I know. Then again, what do I know? I AM JUST... A MINNY. Wait... 'Minny'? Minny... Minny... that has some significance... but... what? WHAT?

"So, there's no way to get ANYWHERE? You sure? So... we're all stuck here until Aqua Star explodes, and WE die, huh? Boy, what a party pooper." Dedede sighed. Meanwhile, there was someone spying on them from in the tower. "Thou heroes... I cannot let thou fall victim to nothing... so, I shall aid thou." The mysterious spy whispered. They threw a strange sword outside, into the middle of the group of heroes. Back with Kirby and Co, Astroll said, "What's this? A sword? Kirby, touch it!" He cowardly commanded. Kirby reluctantly touched it, and the sword exploded. It exploded in such a way that the four flew into space, and crashed into the next planet. "Hmm... the sword's explosion blasted us into Neo Star. That's a little... strange. But, oh well... we got lucky. Let's explore this jungle we fell into!" Astroll announced. The others agreed, and they trekked forward.

Ugh... I am... having a vision. It's... it's strange. Not like the ones I usually have. The normal ones are of giant, red eyeballs with red markings. This one... it is of... some sort of angel. It is a large, red eyeball... this time, though... is it crying? Crying blood, not tears. It has a mighty thorn at its bottom, and two devillish wings... made of... what IS that material? ...Flesh. It has a giant halo above its head... it is the most haunting thing I've ever seen. What does it mean?

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