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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Other Stuff and Stuff (Hoshi no Kaabii checkpoint)

Hey everyone. Those who read my entries... please... comment. I'd like to know how my story is so far. Yeah, it's not over yet. Long story, though! Yes, the bad guy's name is 'Zero', so what? Well, actually, no it's not 'Zero', it's '0'. Understand? Just wait until he-- never mind. Minny plays an important part in the story, in case you didn't notice. By the way... I've found some videos to help... establish some realization. Sorta. The videos are, uh... things Kirby has done in the past to help stop Dark Matter.

This first video is Kirby versus 0 in Kirby's Dreamland 3, and the reason I want you to see it...? It's so you know what 0 looks like, and so you know what he looked like at that... almost GORY part when he died. Lots of blood. It's almost... scary. And to think... this is Kirby we're talking about. The lovable little puffball. Who's pink. Anyway, here: The part where his eye shoots out of his body... uck.

The next video is Kirby 64's final boss. See if you can... recognize... this guy: Don't ask me what that green thing is. You don't want to know. (In a Kirby game? It's "E" for everyone! How is this possible!?) And... don't ask why it's giving off a green gas. Nice boss song, though.

Now, I wonder if you can recognize THIS guy: (the first and second ones, the last one is Dark Matter) well, do you? Answers: First one is King Dedede, second is the man who attacked Kirby at the start of my story, Dark Matter possessed a warrior, I guess.

Did you like those? I've given you a few hints as to who the 64's Final Boss is, and he'll make a HUGE appearance in my story later. HUGE! Well, it was nice talking to you. See ya!

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