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Monday, April 30, 2007

Hoshi no Kaabii: Shadow Shutdown (part 5)

"Well, lookee here, guys... stuck up the creek without a paddle! ...Literally," said the comedic King. "Dedede, just... just shut up. You're the one who wanted to stop for food!" Kracko Jr. shouted. "Ya Dodedo! Mi no stoop food yu no wine!" Kirby babbled, angrily. "Fellows, must we argue? If we're stuck here on Aqua Star, we may as well find a way to live!" Astroll calmly stated. King Dedede sighed, and looked sadly at the sky. He's right... although I don't DARE say that out loud... King Dedede thought. Kracko Junior looked around and noticed a strange box resting in the river. He floated for a moment, thinking up a plan. Hoping for some sort of sign, he scanned the horizons thoroughly. As soon as he saw a fish swimming down the river, he rushed to the box. "Guys, I have a plan... but I need you to cope with me for a moment. Follow me!" He said as he directed the other three to the stone box.

This work gets harder every hour... I just wonder... who are these evil people? And... why do they want us? I-I don't even know who I am! I don't recognize anything... nor do I remember a thing before meeting Mace Knight. Uh-oh, that big guy's coming again... need to hurry. "Ah, yes... the little one. How is... progress... little Waddle Dee?" It asked to me, with a sneer. 'Little Waddle Dee'? Is that what I am? A... little... wait. What's a Waddle Dee? "Well? You WILL answer me as I ask you questions..." It said, impatiently. "Pro...progress is-- it's... it's coming along" I stuttered. "Hmmm... now that I... look... at it... you DO seem to be doing... how do you Rock Star people say it? ...Totally awesome, dude. So 'awesome' that I feel a promotion is in order. Come with me." The foul fiend said, almost... happily. I followed the big thing, and as I saw the gigantic magma silo, I fainted.

"Yes, sir, I will obey. I shall go get him." The words came from a mysterious man. I don't quite feel like myself anymore... it feels as if I was smacked upside the head at least a thousand times! There's that man again... he wears a mask. His eyes are yellow, burning like the sun... the image of them haunts me. His shoes are large and purple, every stomp feels as an earthquake. His wings are bat-like... almost demonic... as are his small gloves. From behind, he looks like Kirby's alter-ego. In one glove, he holds the Meta-Sword, one of which that I fear may be able to destroy the universe with one jab. A deadly aura surrounds him, one that kills those not worthy. The sight of his mask can scare people to death, literally. Wait a moment... that man... he's ME!

"WHOOOOOO-HOOOO!" Shouted Kirby as the wind blows past his skin. The four are scrunched up in a stone box, riding it down the fast current at over a hundred miles an hour. Occasionally, a branch may whiz by, snapping itself among King Dedede's beak. This hurts him, but he's going too fast to notice. Oh my... this is fast! (bleep)... oh, (bleep)! Too fast... too (bleep)ing) fast for a (bleep)ing old penguin like me! I feel like I'm gonna have a (bleep)ing heart-attack. King Dedede thought, trying to ignore his own profanity. Suddenly, a waterfall came up. "Oh, nononononononono!" Kirby screamed. Time seemed to slow down as they flew through the air, the water sliding off everyone's bodies. "Just end it now... just end it now..." Astroll chanted throughout the entire jump. Apparently, the fall was over three-hundred feet, as the box didn't hit the hard ground until a few minutes had passed. When it hit the ground, the bottom of the box shredded and some parts even fell off. Think about it, if YOU were in a box made of stone going hundreds of miles an hour, and it flew for miles and miles on end off a waterfall for a few minutes, you'd be scared stiff, right? The box probably wouldn't survive the fall, either. The same thing goes for these folks. The box's skid lasted another minute. It would've lasted longer, but they hit a tree.

Did I faint again? Oh, my aching head. (gasp)... it's that big guy again. "Fainting... on the JOB? That's going to cost you... your LIFE." He roared at me, as I layed on the floor. Where am I? The walls... the ceiling... the floor... it's all moving darkness. With some purple shoved in there, too. The floating porygon of twenty eyes approached me, laughing maniacally. Oh, no... he's going to kill me, isn't he? "EEK!" I screamed as I hopped to my feet, dashing away from the monstrosity. There was nowhere to run, though. No exits. It's as if I was locked in darkness... forever. I closed my eyes, thinking it was all over. Then, I heard the monster roar, and there was a huge crash. When my eyes opened, I was suddenly in a gigantic shopping mall. 'Shopping mall'? Where'd I learn that phrase? When I ran towards the door, there was another man there. "G'day, miss. How are you? The name's Trident Knight. What's yours?"

It turns out hitting that tree was a stroke of luck. It was in the middle of a village rich in wisdom, and succulent seafood. Two things that feed all minds! This is too good to be true... Kracko Jr. thought as he took a look around. A few small penguins were cooking red fish, and somewhere they thought they saw a pig in a farm. "It's way too quiet around here... but, it's probably just me, right?" Dedede asked. "...Right?" He asked again. "......What?" He asked. Kirby grabbed Dedede's head and turned it towards a gigantic tower. "...Oh. So it wasn't just me." Dedede said.

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