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Monday, April 2, 2007

Hello, and Welcome! These Rules Are VITAL!

Those of you who know me know just how crazy I am. Yeah, I'm sorry my other blog had nothing on it, I couldn't get back on! I was stuck. So, I'm just gonna forget about that one, and work on this one. Yeah, awesome, my new blog. My very own Paper Dimension. You who don't know me probably don't know what the Paper Dimension is, well... here's a brief, three-word description:

Play Paper Mario.

Sure, Paper Mario doesn't feature anything like 'Paper Dimension', but it's just a name I came up with which means the place that the PM games take place in! Let's put it this way: Intelligent Systems made a papery dimension, and I labelled it. Y'see, I'm not doing copyright infringement since I came up with the name, and it's a different Paper Dimension here; the game Paper Dimension is the one IS came up with, and my version is... mine. The one you are seeing right now. Got it? I hope so, 'cause I hate explaining things twice.

Next topic: in my Paper Dimension, we have a coupl'a rules:

1. I love feedback. Absolutely love it. So, don't be shy, if you hate/love something that I said, comment! I am open-minded, I hate George Bush, I say nuclear, I think I can take any anger.

2. Every once in a while, I may go into a ramble. Whaddya expect from a chatterbox? Whenever I ramble, usually I'm not rambling, but I'm ranting. Or explaining. Either one's fine. If you don't know what ranting means, it means "going on about something wrong/I hate", get it?

3. Every once in a while, I'll tell a story. Usually it's a short one, but nonetheless, try to bear with me! I have been raised being told I was the best writer of my kind. Then again, George Bush is president, so I guess some people don't know what they mean. If you know what I mean.

4. Right there; see it? A pun. I make tons of these again and again, so try and bear with me and... while commenting, it's best to tell me that it sucks. Yeah, I always know my puns are terrible.

5. If I ever give a survey to you, please take the survey. I'll tell you later about my stories as a Blog City refugee, and I tell ya, nobody took the surveys. Yet, over 117 people somehow visited them, nobody took them.

6. If I give you a link, which god help ya, I'm gonna give you links, I recommend BEFORE CLICKING THE LINK, reading ahead to see what the link is first. Y'know, 'cause if I ever go crazy (again) and give you an April Fools joke a little late/early, the description may give you a warning.

7. Finally, there are three words I want you to look up, Wikipedia, Sonic, Chao. It's advised you look Sonic and Chao up in Wikipedia, but you can do whatever. (A little adviser: by Sonic, I mean that little blue overgrown hedgehog who can run) And, uh, whenever I say Dark Chao, Hero Chao, Neutral Chao, or Omochao, that's something you should look up, too. One last thing: Wiki means Wikipedia, okay? So when I say Wiki something, I mean go to Wikipedia and look it up! It's like "Google it", which means "go to Google and look it up"! The same with "Yahoo it".

Okay, did you read those rules? If you didn't, then god help you I will make sure I eat chocolate ice cream as you watch something bad on television! Toldja I'm crazy. Trust me, you'd better think hard about these two phrases: "DCA and Dark Chao Adventures", okay? They're related, and you'll hear the former a BUNCH more than the latter.

Well, that pretty much ends my... interesting introduction. See ya around!

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