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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kirby's Shadow Shutdown! (part 4)

"Oh, will you wake up and look?" Rocky said to me. I looked up in the skies and saw a peculiar thing-- a shooting star falling down to Rock Star. But wait, it wasn't a star... it was an escape pod! I had recently had visions... ones about escape pods... ones that looked just like this. In the visions, the escape pod would open up only to contain a black hole. This hole would suck up the entire Star into darkness... into shadows. I'd be running as fast as I could, but would never escape. I'd see a giant... a giant... a... wait, the pod's opening! "Minny... Minny, you're zoning out again!" Rocky shouted. Oh, right, the escape pod! What's inside? ...What's that thing?

"Where are we supposed to find a Waddle Dee?" The King asked. Kirby and Kracko Junior looked at him, not impressed. The planet Pop Star is full of Waddle Dees, actually. Kracko Jr. glanced at the skies, thinking about his father. What... what's that? Is that... He thought. "GUYS! Look up in the sky! What... what is that?" He yelled to the two. Kirby looked up and stopped the Warp Star. "Big... biggy thingy" Kirby muttered. In the sky was what appeared to be a black hole. But... what is it sucking up? thought Kracko Jr. as he scanned the night sky. Suddenly, Kirby remembered somebody and quickly flew the Warp Star down to the surface, as if running away from the black hole itself.

What... what? "Good, you're awake. If I may just learn your name, ma'am," the voice said to me. "My... my.. name? Ugh..." I quietly mumbled. "Yes, your name, please. Are you feeling okay?" the voice said. I opened my eyes and saw some sort of round thing with blue shoes, purple armor, and a big mace. "Who... who are you?" I asked. "Oh ho, I was asking you that, little lady! But, I must be polite... I am Mace Knight." Mace Knight... hmm... what... what's going on?

The Warp Star pulled up at a small hut, with what seems to be a telescope poking out of a window. The three entered the hut, and inside was a Waddle Dee staring into the telescope, up into the stars. "Artsolgy?" Kirby gibbered. "Why, hello there, Kirby! And... King Dedede? Oh, who is that?" the Waddle Dee answered. "Uh... I'm Kracko Junior, orphan." "Orphan? Why?" Kracko Jr. turned around and sniffed. "My... my... father... he..." Before he could finish, Dedede patted on his cloud and said, "Kracko died. I don't think Junior wants to talk about it right now..." "Ah, yes... I understand. I felt the same when my father died. So, Kirby, what brings you here?" the Waddle Dee asked. Kirby had a long, nearly gibberish conversation with the Waddle Dee, and then he just sighed and said, "Of course. I think I'll take a look into the telescope and" he paused as he looked through the telescope. "Wh-what's that? Is that a... is it a black hole? But... what's it doing absorbing Rock Star? Unless... unless it has already begun! We'd better act fast, you three. I'll come. By the way, my name's Astroll Gee." Astroll finished. "Wi go Wraap Steer!" Kirby blabbed. They all ran to the Warp Star, and took off into space.

Mace Knight escourted me towards a river. He pointed at a box and said, "We use these for transportation. Now, now, don't look at me like that! We simply ride them down the river, and harvest the food along the way. Any questions?" He asked. I shook my head. "I'm very confused, sir Mace Knight. I don't believe I even remember my own name!" "Oh ho! Not to worry, miss. No need to get moody! Just step into this box and I'll grab us a bite to eat, okay?" "Y-yes... of course." Reluctant, I carefully hopped into the box. I took a look at the water... so calming. "Whoa! EEK!" I shouted as I saw something in the water. I was so startled, I tumbled out of the box and into the water. "Miss! Aye... please be more careful," He told me as he pulled me back into the box. "Wh-what is that red thing in the water?" "Hm? What red... oh! Oh ho ho! That would be your reflection, miss. Not to worry, it has something to do with light playing tricks on us. Just stay calm, and I'd stop peeking at the river if I were you." I gently sat down and made myself comfortable. "Uh... Mace Knight, sir? What... what do you mean... my reflection? You-you mean... that was me? I'm... I'm tiny!"

Riding through the stars, King Dedede started to whine. "Aw, SHUT UP, you big crybaby!" Astroll said. "But... but I'm hungry!" The big King complained. "Kung, mi drip foh food at nuxt toop!" Kirby attempted to say. "Oh. Okay, then. That's fine.......... I hope," Dedede responded. Astroll stared at a magnificent wonder to their side: the black hole where Rock Star used to be. What's that thing in the middle? It... it has an eye! Wait... OW! OWOWOWOWOWOW.... Kracko Junior started to groan. "What's wrong?" Astroll asked. "Looking at the center of the hole... something there causes my eye to hurt," "Really? Hm... that's strange. Normally clouds like you... their eyes don't ache unless there's a.......... oh. Oh my." Astroll pointed at the center. "Huh? Oh, yeah, it's a hole. Whoopee," the King said. "N-no, I thought I saw... never mind." Astroll occasionally glanced at the black hole as they drifted past it, and every time he looked, he thought he saw an eyeball. Could it be you, master? Could it be? Astroll thought to himself.

"M-madame, you must come with me! It seems as if there is a shooting star falling here!" Just as Mace Knight said that, I zoned out. A shooting star? That's... that's familiar. It brings sadness and fear into my mind... just simply hearing the phrase. And yet, I'm not quite sure I remember what a shooting star is. "Madame? Madame? Oh, will you wake up and look?" That... that thing he said... deja vu? Oh, right... the shooting star. I looked up at the sky and saw a combination of red, blue, pink, white, and yellow all coming... towards... the... star. It's coming for us? That doesn't sound good. The shooting star crashed into the planet, and yet, it didn't actually crash. It just hovered to it. Four creatures hopped off: a pink puffball, a fat, blue penguin, a red puffball, and some weird floating eyeball with just-grown clouds around it.

"Oh, thank goodness, I see fish over there! Great choice, Aqua Star! I love seafood..." King Dedede said as he rushed towards a seafood shop. Kirby looked around, and saw one of his old rivals: Mace Knight, standing next to what appears to be an ant. "Macinit!" Kirby yelled. "Oh ho, Kirby! Long time, no see, old chum. How are things?" Mace Knight asked. King Dedede chuckled and said, "Oh, hey there, Mace Knight! What are you doing here in Aqua Star?" "Well, after Kirby defeated me for the millionth time, the Knights split up... and I decided to relax in Aqua Star. So... heard from Meta Knight yet? I haven't spoken to him in a while!" "Um... how do I put this simply? Meta Knight was... kidnapped. By a man that looked... hauntingly familiar. Kirby here witnessed the whole thing!" "WHAT!? And you didn't do anything to save him!?" Mace Knight yelled at Kirby. As he said that, Kirby started to cry. "Grr... Kirby, I never liked you and I never will! Come, miss, and let us vacation elsewhere... perhaps Ripple Star." Mace Knight said as he escourted the tiny creature along to Kirby's Warp Star. He managed to operate it just fine, and the four looked as they flew away for around five minutes. Then, Astroll quietly said, "Um... you folks... do know... that's the Warp Star he took, right?" Dedede's pupils shrunk. "Oh. ...IT WAS!?" He yelled as he ran around in circles. Kirby, Astroll, King Dedede, and Kracko Jr were stranded on Aqua Star.

It all happened so fast, Mace Knight hijacking the shooting star, flying away at fast speeds, and then those dark things striking us in the middle of the sky! The dark things... they were scary. It looked like this: a black ball with a red eye in the middle, and a bit of red here and there. There were hundreds of them! And they all struck us in space, and we fell to this cold place. Then, we were put to work in a dark factory. This big machine I have to drive is much too big! I can barely reach the seat from the ground! This man came and took me to a big, extremely scary thing. It was big, white, polygonal, and had around ten to twenty red eyes on it! It said that I'm small enough to be operating the I3-machines... whatever than meant. It was something like a crusher, or something like that. But, I still don't know what's going on... I still don't know my own name, and I still don't know if I'm gonna live any longer... I hope someone comes to help soon.

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