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Sunday, April 15, 2007

General Paper Versus the Recent Embarkment (Containing SPOILERS for stuff) (Part 1)

Good day. If you know me from Blog City, you know that I have travelled to the Paper Dimension twice so far, correct? Both those times, I travelled far and wide, meeting some hilarious and serious villains; collecting powerful, comic-relieving badges; battling some of the toughest monsters there has ever been... well, now I will say a summary of that, and speak of my most recent journey to the Paper Dimension! Here's the summary: (including some links to YouTube videos)

May... something, 2006. In Florida, I happened to come across Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Nintendo Gamecube. I thought, "Eh, why not?" and bought it. Oh, what a twisted turn of events that led to! Booting it up, and trying it out, I reminisced over the time I rented this same game one week a few years ago, and how I could never find the evil dragon Hooktail. I knew for sure that this time that would change. It certainly did! As soon as I got to the climax of Chapter 1 and found the dreaded Hooktail, the curtain rose for this wild stage fight... literally. The crowd was cheering (in-game, of course), fans threw coins and mushrooms while critics prepared to toss bones and rocks... I "took care" of them. Pulling off some excellent action commands, the crowd goes wild! I feel dazzled by all the audience cheering on, jumping up and down, twiddling around in their seats, eager for me to deliver the finishing blow to the large dragon. That it did, readers... that it did. After blowing that last of 20 from Hooktail's... rather low HP, the evil dragon asked me if I wanted 1,000 coins! Remembering what countless others in villages and towns said about tricks, I refused the offer. "No? Well... how about this super-rare badge I have?" Ver-y tempting, Hooktail, but NO! "Uh... okay, then. Um... how about I let you take a whiff of my feet? People pay big bucks to do this, I swear!" I simply said, "That's disgusting!" and refused. Making a remark about my trusting skills, Hooktail walked off the stage. No, there's more... I thought as I heard running stomps and suddenly-- "AAAAAHHHHH! AAH! AAAAAAHHH!!!" The crowd screamed in agony and anguish as the dragon swallowed almost half the audience. I jumped down to the crowd seating area, now empty, as me (plus my partner) and Hooktail stared in a face-off. Hooktail healed half its HP by simply eating innocent bystanders, and I was determined to defeat it now. A few whacks later, I won. That was the moment I'd remember for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. If you'd like to see this boss in action, check this out: Rampaging through the game's Prologue and 8 Chapters, I was shocked to find out how fast I had reached the boss of Chapter 7! This was ALSO a boss I'd remember for a very long time. My little "rival", the strange Lord Crump, stood next to a machine, stating how long he had been waiting for me. He told me to say hello to the new and improved Magnus Von Grapple V2.0, an improvement over the boss of Chapter 2. I thought to myself Okay then, all the other bosses were simple, this one won't be any different. Just remember: Watch out for the arms. Boy was I wrong... about that first bit. The tip about the arms was correct, though. As the battle started with the oddly catchy song, I took a look at my bigger audience, all cheering. The battle began. Magnus 2 had around 80 HP, 60 more than its version 1 counterpart. A few turns passed, and suddenly, Magnus flew to the croud and sucked up a quarter of the audience! What the? I thought, and then... KA-BOOM BAM BOOM BAM BOOOOOOOOOOOM! He just shot members of the crowd at me! By now, I had died. I tried again-- dead. Again-- nope. Again-- once again. Eventually, around my 20th try, I beat him, just barely. There's a video of the battle. The rest of it, well, there were no notable things. Aside from the last Bowser battle, but that's a story for another day.

There's part one of General Paper and whatever! Join me next time as I speak of my trials of the toy box and Paper Mario (1) for the Nintendo 64! See ya!


Willa said...

You write very well.

DJay32 said...

Why, thank you, Willa.