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Friday, April 20, 2007

Invading Castle Bleck (SPOILERS INCLUDED ALL THE WAY) (Recent Embark Part 4)

So, you're all here? Good. Let's go. (CHAPTER 8 OF SUPER PAPER MARIO SPOILERS)

Okay, so there I was, entering the evil Count Bleck's fortress. Chapter 8-1 had begun, and I was rushing through-- speed of sound. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, O'Chunks was waiting for me. And there's your video... of ShadowKirby. Yeah, I know... we'll all miss Bowser... a whole lot. He was classic. Anyway, the adventure continued, and in 8-2... (sob) I'm gonna miss Peach... and slightly Mimi. They were both well-developed characters, and were both too young to die! ...Okay, not sure about Peach, but I know Mimi was. 8-3... this one gave me the most trouble. I started off with 3 HP here, and the first room is an incredibly long one filled with beasts of all sizes. Following the character-death pattern, you can probably guess Luigi and Dimentio die here, right? Yep. Here: (sniff)... the way they die is so sad. Okay, the final battle of 8-4 is here! It's gonna be epic, I swear! Are you ready for the ultimate of all battles? This battle gave me little trouble, and I managed to beat him pretty quick. See that? love what Bowser and Luigi say, "I fell through the floor" and "I don't even know what happened, bro!" Heh. ...Just so you know, something vital to the story happened while Luigi was... gone. You just don't see it. Wanna learn what it was? Watch this video and take a guess. Did you read the part about the seed? Good. And... yeah, you saw the final boss. I really love that boss design, and the music. THAT'S SO CATCHY! Let's keep on going: and finally, the final boss arrives. 200 HP, not that much. This was actually easier than the Bleck Battle, surprisingly. Seriously, it was easy! Not too easy, but easy enough to make it an awesome battle. Here it is: See that? When I fought it, it wasn't as frantic as that! Maybe I got lucky... sure, the eerie platforms shot me a lot, but not that much! Then again, that's Paper Mario for ya... always doing WAY better than they were trying to. Yet, they're so modest... wow. But, I guess I'm speaking from a biased opinion here, and I'm rambling on. ONTO THE ENDING! You don't have to watch it if you don't want to, it's a link. There's no magic force that's forcing you to click it. Wait a minute... (can you say "temptation"?) Anyway, There it is. (sniff) My, my... that's such a... happy ending. Am I crazy to think I've found the one game slightly better than Paper Mario 2? And to think... it's its sequel/spin-off-sequel. Most of the time, you'd think nothing beats the original, right? Well, with the Paper Mario series, every new story gets better than the last! ...And that's an extremely hard thing to beat. Okay, just for the sake of it, here are the credits: Sure, the credits are shorter than the others', but that's an awesome song! Plus, with the screenshots, and-- oh.... man, it's awesome as it is. Sure, it doesn't have a march/parade, but it has the only known screenshot of Timpani and Blumiere at the end! Sure, you can't actually see them, but you can make out the shapes, right? You might think, "We've see them before! Timpani's a butterfly, and Blumiere's that... thing!" but, these are not those forms. Timpani's a human, while Blumiere's... it never says. It just says "monster". Still, this is the most emotional story/credits I've ever seen... it takes a place in my heart. Man, I'm almost at tears. (sniff) ... It's so...... it's so... so... I don't know how to describe it. Just so you know, if you were to get it and beat it, you can keep the THE END picture up as long as you want (the Timpani/Blumiere one), because ShadowKirby just pressed '2'. That's all, no time limit.

Okay, miscellanious stuff-- I've never shown Paper Mario 1's parade credits before, so-- There! Yeah.

Another new thing-- I got Sonic and the Secret Rings today, and I'm a little far. So, I wanna get further, thus... see ya!

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Anonymous said...

heyy great info but i just got 2 chapter 8-1 nd i cant get where u started from in the video... i got up to the room with the save point with nothing in it. which is like the last room to me.