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Friday, April 27, 2007

Kirby of the Stars... Shadow Shutdown

It was a dark night, and Kirby had just gone to bed. Dark matter was roaming in the skies, yet none could tell due to the fact that... it's dark matter. Suddenly, a man formed in Kirby's backyard. This man looked peculiar, he had black hair and one eye partially hidden behind a scarf. He stepped up to Kirby's house, and silently merged through the window into the back-room. Without a sound, this man walked up to Kirby, asleep, and raised his just-formed sword; and with one foul swipe...

H O S H I - N O - K A A B I I... Shadow Shutdown. (Reference to Kirby: , and to Waddle Dee:

The man was shocked at the sight in front of him: Kirby was wearing a green cap, carrying a sword, and had jumped out of bed at the very last minute! The man just grunted, and took a look at his hand-- of which there was none anymore; Kirby had used the sword to cut it off. The man raised his sword (in the other hand, unfortunately) and simply dropped it. He slowly, and silently, turned around, walked out of the house, and-- as quickly as he appeared, disappeared into thin air. Kirby watched, and gasped. But, he went back to bed; he'll worry about it in the morning.

Kirby had other things to worry about in the morning, though, as he picked up the box of cereal. Contrary to what he thought the other day, he was out of cereal. Quickly, he ran out of the house, no idea where he was going. At all. Occasionally, he'd squeal, or babble, for although he had the magnificent ability of copying his foe's abilities, he had not... the ability to talk.

Nearby, a peaceful Waddle Dee was walking, joyful, care-free. Meanwhile, Kirby was dashing, worried, care-full. Waddle Dee spotted something in the distance, as did Kirby. What was it? Was it a bee? Was it a person? No, it was a jar of honey! Kirby felt so hungry, he didn't notice Waddle Dee in the middle of his path. The next thing you know, both Kirby and the Waddle Dee were covered in honey... and bruises. Kirby childishly licked himself, having not eaten breakfast.

After a humble babble, somewhat like "imma sorru", Waddle Dee forgave him. For you see, the Waddle Dee (that's plural) all know how Kirby's hunger gets, and Kirby's babbled that line at certain times, so I suppose they understand what it means.

So, the random antics of Kirby ended as soon as the kind Waddle Dee gave him a piece of bread. ...And a chocolate cake. ...And a big carton of milk. ...Finally, a box of cereal. The Waddle Dee don't ever mind, becuase, without mouths, what's the point of eating? However, the antics continue elsewhere...

The place is somewhere atop a mountain, in a diabolical castle. The evil King Dedede is getting ready for his big scheme! The big, duck-like creature calls for his communication-thing with no name. (Not a phone, it's got a screen) "Hello? Yes... Operation: Foodstuff is now commencing. ...Yes, the one with the swords. Oh? You will? Excellent..." Dedede slyly spoke.

To be continued

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