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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

General Paper Versus My Recent Embark (With MANY Spoilers) (part 2)

Hey, how are you? Last time I spoke of some key events during my Maiden Voyage to the Paper Dimension, and this time I'll do the same with my Returning Voyage to the Paper Dimension. Yeah, I came up with those names. So what? Anyway, here goes!

August... something, 2006. I loved Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door so much that I decided to order the prequel, Paper Mario off Amazon dot com. When it finally arrived, I played and played and played all day long until I reached Chapter 2... I think. It might've been number 3, I can't remember. Anyway, everything went fine. That is... until I reached Chapter 4. I had just recently saved hundreds of Boos from the "invincible" monster Tubba Blubba. However, when I returned to Toad Town, Shy Guys were causing mischief all over town! I went around until I found a toy box, which apparently, Shy Guys entered. How do they fit in that tiny thing? I thought as I stepped up to it. Opening the box, I fell in and discovered that this box was 30, no, 50 times bigger inside than out! So big, there was a train that ran through four stations, and the rides took a while. Plus, each station had lots of rooms by them! It took me a very long time to get through this place, constantly returning to the surface to undo the deeds of evil Shy Guys had caused. Finally, I reached a very dark room. I heard screaming. Remembering I just got a new partner that can light up dark rooms, I used the young Watt. Shy Guys were surrounded by me, and they destroyed a wall, running straight in. Behind the wall was a small fort made entirely of toys! In the front of the fort was a Shy Guy wearing grey and a militairy hat, called "General Guy". After a little talk, he sent 15 Shy Guys after me. This will be very easy, I thought to myself as I heard the extremely catchy music playing in the background. Obviously, this was a boss battle. The 15 Shy Guys drifted away like dust, mere play toys compared to the power of my hammer. (Wow, that last sentence came out a little too wrong) Suddenly, General Guy stepped up in his giant tank. He called for two Shy Guys on stilts, and they prepared to attack. However, I was more than ready for two Shy Guys. Next up was 8 Shy Guys in two stacks of four. I died here. On my next try, I just managed to beat them. Finally, General Guy drove up and prepared to fight me. I died so many times at this part, it made Paper Mario 2 seem like a walk in the park! After literally countless attempts, I tried out my newest partner Watt. Guess what? It actually worked! If you wish to see a video of this boss battle, perfect quality, please follow the following link: I'd tell you of the time I fought Huff N' Puff, but that's a story for another day. However, I will tell you of the time I fought the Crystal King! It was cold, I had just solved a palace of puzzles, and I was ready for whatever they could throw at me. Guess what? A King appeared! As soon as the battle began, I could tell from the song that this would be a tough one. I gave it my all, but that wasn't enough. Instantly, he had recovered 20 HP and killed me. He did this again and again and again until I finally planned a tactic and K.O'ed him into oblivion! The moral of this story, kids, is Always have a plan ready. ...Especially for boss battles. Want a video, perfect quality, not played by me? (None of these videos are played by me, I swear! I'm not that good!) There's your video. Now, finally, I'll tell you of the time I fought Bowser! The Chapter was Eight, the sky was dark, the castle was filled with fear. Walking up the spiral steps, I was shocked to see Bowser and Kammy Koopa, waiting for me! Kammy used her magic on Bowser, turning him 10 feet taller, and MUCH stronger! We fought awhile until he became invincible. I used my newest ability: Star Beam, to stop him, but it... it didn't work. He laughed as meanwhile, Princess Peach and her friend Twink fought Kammy. Twink got stronger and defeated Kammy, and Peach did some of her magic to make me stronger! It recovered me completely and transformed my Star Beam into the Peach Beam, with enough power to stop Bowser... once and for all. The showdown of a lifetime begun. With the simply amazing music in the background, we clashed for hours and hours (the only reason for that is because I died more than I did with General Guy) until the next day... "RAAWWWR!" I had finally stopped the dreaded Koopa King. Want the awesome video? And that video doesn't even show you all of Bowser's moves! Plus, it doesn't show Goombario finding out Bowser's HP: 99, the most a boss can get in this game. Compared to other RPGs, it may not seem like alot, but if you were to convert it to something like... Final Fantasy HP, it'd be 9,000, or 99,000 or some really huge number.

Well, next time I'll speak of my newest trip to the Paper Dimension, but for now, SEE YA!

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