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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hoshi no Kaabii: Shadow Shutdown (part 2)

The wicked king was laughing maniacally when he got a call. "What? ...Oh. WHAT!? B-but that's impossible! The god of... wait a minute! Get me his son, then! Yes, I'll wait." King Dedede sighed, and started twiddling with his fingers. Getting bored, he started to pass a few glances at the plasma-screen television in his chamber.

Kirby was busy calling the Poppy Brothers, and babbling random things on his telephone. Or, at least, it seemed random. He was actually telling them of this urban legend floating around. "bigburd ski fling," he said. Of course, the Poppy Brothers understood every word. Kirby was speaking of a rainbow-colored bird that was said to fly around the mountain by town. The town members gave it the nickname: "Dynablade." Suddenly, Kirby thought he heard something. "berit buck" he babbled, saying he'd be right back. He looked out the window, and nothing was there. Right before he picked up the phone, he saw a giant, rainbow-colored bird picking apples off the apple tree in his backyard.

"Hey, King Dedede, what was it you needed me for? King Dede--" Kracko Junior said on the visual-phone. He stopped when he saw the thing that would scar him for life-- a big, fat, blue penguin dancing on a dancing video game. "... K-king..." Kracko Jr. mumbled. "--Whoa! Huh? Um... oh, you're... you've... picked up. Um... uh..." the King stuttered. "Uh... sorry. Um... I'll... I'll just, uh... turn the... game off, then. Yeah. (click) So, Kracko... have you heard about your father?" "No, what about my father?" "Uh... it's hard to say. (gulp) Your father is... is... dead." Kracko Jr. just turned around and silently shed a tear. "I knew it'd happen soon. So, how'd he die?" "Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Y'see, we have some evidence to prove it was that rat, KIRBY! May I present you with... EXHIBIT A!" King Dedede shouted as he pulled out a piece of candy. "Uh... sir? That's just a lollipop." "Not just ANY lollipop, it's an invincibility lollipop! The only times you find these are when Kirby is around! And, Kracko was holding this when we found him." "But, sir... it couldn't have been Kirby. Kirby can't just LEAVE BEHIND a lollipop! He'd eat it the moment he sees it!" "I knew you'd under-- what? Hmm... you've got a point there. Well, may I present you with... EXHIBIT... B." The King pulled out something that made Kracko Junior gasp.

Kirby was slowly stepping towards the humongus beast munching on apples. "Dinobladda?" He mumbled. Dynoblade roared ferociously. Kirby made a troubled screech, and backed away. The bird looked curiously at the tiny puffball 5 feet in front of it. Kirby mumbled an advisor to himself, and Dynablade got scared-- flew away instantly at half the speed of sound. Kirby sighed, and walked back into the house. "soso aloooooooooony," he quietly said. Oh, how that would change tonight...

"A PIECE OF PAPER!? Are you just getting desperate?" Kracko Junior exclaimed. "Look at what's ON the paper. It's a blackmail, signed FROM KIRBY! See? SEE?!" "Yes, I see. But, one problem-- KIRBY CAN NOT WRITE! Even if he could, he doesn't know what blackmail means! Plus, he wouldn't be able to write such big words, like 'perpetual', which is on this note! But... that photograph on the bottom showing Kirby killing dad is kinda suspicious..."

In the night, Kirby likes to look up at the stars and think whether or not he'll ever return to his home planet. Tonight starts off no different, until he spots a shooting star. "Oh! Oh! Shutin stur! Mewish me cud no be aloony!" As soon as he makes his wish, the star stops. It stays still for a few seconds, and suddenly, it comes crashing down into Kirby's own backyard. He steps forward a bit, and just stares at the star. Then, he realized it wasn't a star, it was actually an escape pod! Out came a masked puffball. "Bububu! Metanit!" Kirby exclaims. "Yes, Kirby, it is I... Meta Kight. King Dedede ordered me to defeat you..." "Nono! Metanit! Nooooooo!" Kirby attempts to run back to his house, but Meta Knight pulls out his sword and throws another sword at him. "Kirby, as always... take the sword. We shall duel," Meta Knight stated. So, Kirby grabbed the sword and popped on his trusty green cap. Meta Knight took to the skies and threw his sword like a boomerang, smacking Kirby. As Meta came back down, Kirby stuck his sword straight up. "OoOoOoOoOoooooooo... whuh?" Meta Knight grunted, in pain. Suddenly, a star in the sky started moving, and came crashing down in between the two swordspuffs. Kirby, scared, ran into his house, and looked out the window as another escape pod opened. Meta Knight peeked inside. "Hey, KIRBY! It's empty! Come on out and fight!" But, Kirby didn't come out. He was too busy looking at the man forming behind Meta Knight. This man looked the exact same as the one from the previous night, except this one's hand was fine. He grapped his scarf and pulled it off. Meta Knight turned around and screamed. Quickly, he ran towards Kirby's house. Kirby opened the window and reached out his hand. "Grib mi hind!" He babbled, gesturing towards his hand. Meta Knight reached for the hand, but it was too late; the man had already grabbed Meta Knight by the legs and was dragging him into the empty escape pod. Both the man and the escape pod simply degenerated into thin air.

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