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Sunday, April 22, 2007

CURSES! Gah, Why Me!?

You know, I'm not much of an unlucky guy, but... wow. Here's the scoop:

The Tails Doll. Heard of him? Unlockable character on Sonic R. Want more info? Said to be a cursed creature that, when unlocked, comes to life and kills you/friends/family/all of the above without much warning. There have been... a couple of reports like that. Lie, actually, there have been THOUSANDS of reports like that! Want a... few (hundred)? Here: (contains a few swear words, and will scare you at some points). See what I mean? I know some or most of those stories aren't true, because kids these days come up with the DARNDEST stuff! ...Sorry. (The link at the very bottom of the page leads to an... adult-sort of website, I mean not ACTUAL adult stuff, but humor and swearing and... mentioning of stuff, so beware) Now, I don't actually believe in the curse myself, some of the stories I think are highly likely, but you never know.

Y'see... Sonic R isn't the thing to worry about... Super Paper Mario is. ...and slightly Paper Mario 2. Why? Here's what happened:

Last night, after finally getting off the PC, I decide to play some of my favorite game (SPM). I went back on my file (named 'Star', what I call ALL my Mario files, Mario Party and otherwise), but... Oh... em... gee. I had saved as Bowser, in Flipside 2nd Floor, but I was LUIGI, in Flipside Tower! ...Where you CAN'T save. I picked up the Wiimote, and pressed 'Left', but Luigi went right. I desperately tried to stop him, until he suddenly stopped-- in front of the dark blue door. Chapter 6, I thought to myself, The Duel of 100. So, I decided to enter it. Normally, it'd say, "This door leads to Chapter 6, Sammer's Kingdom. Would you like to visit the only section?" But, instead it glitched up and I heard a loud buzz. Man, my Wii is messed up... great. That's what I thought. The disc shot straight out and hit me in the face. Then, it said, "The disc could not be read." ...Figures. So, I gave it a long wash and inserted it in the disc-place. Guess what happened? Glitch City. Colors flashed on-screen, and the words "I AM ERROR" appeared on-screen. ...Figures. It thinks it's at Chapter 1-4, the Fracktail battle. Suddenly, the colors flashed again, and I appeared where it was at first-- Luigi in front of the Dark Blue door. I pressed up, and it said, " " Nothing at all. A box appeared with two choices: "You said it, not me" and "Nah." I chose Nah. A box appeared, with the word "soap" on screen, and I realized what was going on. However, I didn't get a choice, and I got a GAME OVER. So, I got back on the file, and everything was normal again. I was Bowser at the 2nd Floor. So, I wanted to go to Sammer's Kingdom and just check to see if everything's good again. At the door, no choice, Bowser entered it. Then, I appeared on a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG black line with a white background. "W...T...F?" I thought to myself, moving to the right. 5 minutes later, Mr. L appeared and we dueled. When I won, it was weird again-- "BUZZZZZZZZ" went the Wii, and wammo-- there I was... at the File Select screen. Back to my file, something weird happened: "CHAPTER 8-4" appeared on the screen, and I was suddenly Mario in the Inner Sanctum. But, I realized it WASN'T 8-4, because at the end was Mimi! It thought it was 8-4, but I was in 8-2. She said her regular stuff, then BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ a long buzz by the Wii. It kept going until I pressed "2" on the Wiimote. Then, the game's text got messed up, and it appeared as if Mimi was saying, "YoU hAvE bEeN cYdes! CUrsEd!" ...OF COURSE it was a coincidence! Curses aren't real! An info box appeared on-screen, with jumbled up text rushing across the screen. I thought I read "2 days" in there somewhere, but then again...? So, the game got messed up and I got a GAME OVER somehow. So, I tried to reluctantly delete my file, but instead, as I selected DELETE, it read "Start this file?" I chose YES, and the game started. It started, and suddenly Merlon called, "MARIO!" and I went in his house's text got very messed up, X's and O's everywhere, and some binary, too. Occasionally, I saw some words, namely "Every" and "day" and "you" and "will" and "get" and even "more stressed"! Eventually, I pressed the power button. But... what? It didn't turn off! I tried everything, and I just pulled the plug when I saw on-screen, "Doopliss" for some reason. So, curious, I decided to play Paper Mario 2. I went to the Creepy Steeple, of course, and into Doopliss' chamber. What was inside? More glitches. Just messed up colors. So, I turned it off.

So many messed up colors... my mind couldn't get the picture out. Then, I realized-- one of the pictures was of Mimi!

My theory of that was the Wii got messed up and got Mimi's image memorized, sorta, so it was kept internally. But... what was with the "curse"? Coincidence, probably.

That's it. Well, see ya!

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