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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Unbelievable Feat (Filler Entry Concerning Another Recent Paper Embark) (Oh, and... contains SPOILERS)

Yeah, so as you can read from my little DJ Cafe, it'll be a few days before I tell you of my most recent trip to the dangerous Paper Dimension. But, in the meantime, enjoy these tales of horror!

So, the day was... uh... April sometime around 5-10th, 2007, I'm in Georgia. I decided that I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into Super Paper Mario, so I settled on Paper Mario 2 (Thousand-Year Door) for now. After fooling around a little, I finally decided-- I wanted to prove my strength. ...And foolishness. There was a rumor floating around Rogueport that somewhere below was a palace. I'd already been there, beaten the Final Boss, and all that, but there was another rumor concerning where the bad people went 1,000 years ago. It was referred to as... The Pit Of 100 Trials. This place was 100 floors of new, never-before seen to the surface-dwellers enemies! Enemies like Gloombas, Dark Koopas, and even Dark Lakitus. After a bit of searching, I found it and entered it. No turning back now, I thought as I skimmed through the first 30 Floors. Suddenly, after reaching Floor 50, everything changed. The rooms got darker, the enemies grew stronger, and my partners were constantly dying! I just remembered another rumor concerning this dastardly pit: "There were to be a dragon stronger than the queen... a little too stronger. Sent to bottom of yonder pit, for fools strong enough to beat the 99 floors previous, but only to fall victim to said beast. 'Twas thousand years before now, so said beast... 'tis probably none yet bones now." After recalling that, (...and deciphering it) I started to shiver. I was growing weaker by the minute, was this enough to make it through? Wait a moment... he said it's probably nothing but bones by now! Yeah, no beast can live that long! I thought, anyway. I was right... to an extent. Yeah, Floor 100 was actually much, MUCH, MUCH easier than I'd thought. However, it still provided a challenge... one that I'd never expect. Take a look at Best101 play the last floor in the following clip! Sure, not the best clip in the world, but it's the best I could find when I searched for it.

I also have another tale to tell! This is of... pretty much every other Paper Mario 2 boss. It won't take long.

The day was May something 2006, in Florida. I had just found the evil Lord Crump setting off a 3 minute bomb in a large tree! I only had 3 minutes to run away. It took much longer than I'd expected. However, when I made it (almost) out, a funny cut-scene was waiting for me. In the end, Crump decided to turn off the bomb, and instead decided to pummel me with metal fists! Magnus Von Grapple (Version 1) was quite an easy battle... but it took me a ton of tries. If you want to see this battle in action, follow following link. I just love that boss song! Okay, now for a tale of revenge, and the opposite of sibling rivalry! The place I had to go to next was a fighting arena, where fighters fought for the role of champion! I joined and fought all the way up until finally, that fateful moment... Okay, that was one long Chapter... now to fight the boss: Rawk Hawk! Or so I thought. The battle began, with very intense music playing and the crowd roaring for some butt-whooping! I fought and I fought to the very end until I beat him. This was it, the end of the-- what? Apparently, the Crystal Star (what I came here for) is fake! If you want to see the Rawk battle, check it out. Yeah, I forgot to mention I was forced to be called "The Great Gonzales". Forced. Seriously. Anyway, the chapter continued as I worked my way to the promoter's room and saw Mr. Grubba see me and run off. I chased him into the ring, and every mystery of this chapter (that's a LOT of mysteries) were all explained. Then, the boss began. Not much happened, nothing special, and I beat him. On my first try. If one wishes to see this battle, (and the ending, which I recommend you don't see... play the chapter yourself) then check this link out. It's quite a creepy song, actually. Now, Chapter 4! Um... a ton of Spoiler-ific things happened here, so I'll skip right to the boss. Here I was, about to face the evil monster who cursed the village and turned the villagers... into pigs. Then, I thought to myself, Wait a minute... I'm already at the 4th boss? This was a short chapter! Maybe I skipped something? Oh, you'll see what's going on. I saw the monster, and, uh... Wow. The windows looked scarier than that thing. Uh, there were these 3 windows in the monster's caslte, and one of them had his face on it. That wasn't the scary part, though... the eerie part was the reflections: 5 reflections, each with his face on it. 3 windows, 1 had hia face, 5 reflections, each with his face. It may not sound that scary, but when you see it... and his clowny face on them... you'll have nightmares. Then again, Super Paper Mario Chapter 2's boss is way scarier than this. ANYWAY, I was face-to-face with the monster whose name I did not yet know. He was apparently a trickster who was fed up with the villagers, and apparently had the ability to transform other people. The battle began with the extremely catchy song, and it whizzed by fast. Halfway, he showed me that he was a doppleganger, because he was able to transform into me! Anyway, I beat him fast and got the Crystal Star! But, I thought of it as odd that I didn't get a new power, and the ending message was a tad odd. The freaky part was, when I pressed 'A', the doppleganger jumped up! I had already left, and now I was controlling the doppleganger! If you want the battle, (and I highly recommend you... don't look at the name of the video, nothing bad, just the name of the monster) then watch the link. Then, the strangest thing happened-- I ran into myself. B-but, myself could talk! What the? I-I mean, the doppleganger couldn't talk, and now I could! This is weird! Then, he explained it all to me. He had stolen my body and my name! Everybody is congratulating him, and he's getting all the credit! The worst part was-- he has my partners. ...Drat. It was rumplestiltskin here, he told me to guess his name! I thought, Well, he says "Slick" alot, so maybe it's Slick? I tried it-- nope. More stuff happened, finally, I learned his name (through a little too much backtracking OVER AND OVER again)... which was (HUUUGE SPOILERS)Doopliss(END OF SPOILERS), got that? Yeah, you can't actually guess it the first time because he had somehow stolen the letter "p". He ran off to his castle, and I chased him. Then, the battle begun. There was a catch, however... which you'll find out when you watch the video. I fought for a while, and eventually, I won. On my first try. I got the Crystal Star AND my body back, and the Chapter really ended. Here's the video: Interesting battle. Okay, I really don't like Chapter 5, so I don't want to talk about it. Okay? Okay. Now, Chapter 6, on the other hand... I loved that one. Here's the scoop: I worked my cap off on 6 Chapters (there's a prologue) now, so I deserve some rest, right? Yep. Guess what I got? A 3-Day ride on the richest, best train ever-- the Excess Express! 3 whole (in-game, not real) days! This was an awesome chapter, the only problem was the stop at Riverside Station, but that was minor and showed that you need to be strong to pass this chapter! Really, the 3 days were spent solving mysteries, because tons of stuff happened. During Night 1, I had to solve an interesting mystery-- the Train Staff guy had passed out one blanket for every passenger, and keeps one for himself. Tonight, he passed them all out, all right, but... he had none left over. He had counted them all up, and got a specific number! But... none left over? This was important because if I didn't, the Staff guy would pretty much freeze. It gets VERY cold at night on a train, you know. After research, I found one passenger who said stuff about hearing noises coming from the room next to him, but... nobody's in that room. It was weird. After a bit of investigation, it turns out there was a ghost in there. This was one great chapter! Then, Day 2 came and it looks like a guy's briefcase was STOLEN! It had the formula for this solution that, if used in the wrong hands, could produce a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION. I searched far and wide, and it turns out that one of the famous movie stars on the train... well, he wan't him. You obviously recall reading earlier about that doppleganger, don't you? Yeah, it's him. Then, on Day 3, nobody was in the rooms. ...Except me, of course. Everything was deserted! I went to the driver, he was there, and suddenly-- something appeared on the windshield. It was strange-- it had eyes. Suddenly, the whole windshield was covered in them! After looking around, the whole train was covered in them! I rushed to the baggage car, and two staff members were being attacked by them. I saved them, and they said that the other passengers were taken to the roof of the train. Rushing out, I ran across the top of the train. Suddenly, the "smorg" (they're called that) merged together to form a giant monster! I realized that the other passengers were caught in the creature, so I had to fight them out of it. The dramatic, action-packed, movie-style boss music filled the room instantly as the fight began. The fight actually skimmed by quite quickly, really, and the people were saved. Hooray! Want the video? Here: I love that song. The battle may seem easy, but it is actually hard... to an extent. The snake-form shown in the video is the toughest part. Okay, I told you about Mangus 2, Chapter 7's boss, now for Chapter 8-- the final one. You can stop reading here, although I'm not at the big part yet.

Instead of continuing like that, I'll say Chapter 8 in a seperate paragraph so you don't have to read it. And also for convienience. Hope you'll understand.

Okay, behind the Thousand-Year Door is a large palace! After hours of puzzles, VERY HARD PUZZLES, I reached this big room. Deja vu, I thought to myself when I heard the little ditty, and say the style of writing on the screen. BIG deja vu! Um... uh-oh. The camera panned to reveal a giant dragon, who roared. It turns out Hooktail was a girl. Gloomtail's younger sister. And, I killed her. Uh... whoops. Awkward. Hehe... uh... sorry for killing your innocent little sister... big, almighty dragon... I thought, shyly. The battle begun. I was thinking, Of course! It all makes sense now! They said that there was a demon's soul behind the door, and this must be that soul! It only took me two tries to beat it. My thoughts instantly changed when I got a simple key for beating this boss, no ending or anything. Want the battle? Here: Using the key, a large rumble went on. Outside this large tower, I met the three Shadow Sirens (long story, play the game)-- except that Vivian wasn't with them. (She's my partner now) Instead, the monster from Chapter 4 was there! Wow. Chapter 4 is nothing compared to this! I was right when I thought that. The battle was long, and took me many tries to beat. The battle is right here: After finally defeating them, I continued to find stairs going down. Below the arena I fought Gloomtail, I found a large room with a Save Block. Ohhhhh, so THIS is the Final Battle... I thought. In the next room, the evil mastermind behind Princess Peach's kidnapping was waiting-- Grodus. He was waiting with a shocking 50 HP. HA! 50! It took me two tries to best him, but the next part took me SIX WEEKS. Yeah. Could've been six days, but it was that hard. Anyway, here's the Grodus battle: And now, the really cool, with the really cool song, but really, REALLY HARD part! There's not much to say but I beat it after practicing a lot. So, I'll let you see what this part is. Yeah. Now, the climax of our little game-- the Final Boss! I'm not saying who it is, except that I beat her in one try. Yeah, her. Want the video? It's pretty long, trust me. Here: Part 1. Now, part 2:, and Finale (with the best song in the entire game, trust me) : And now, THE ENDING! Only for those who want to see it. It's a cool ending. And, part 2: And , uh... the credits. These are good credits, with all the characters marching forward and the great song, plus screenshots. Here: Keep in mind that all those bosses were ALL in Chapter 8.

Well, that ends my long entry. Hope this keeps you occupied until... tomorrow! See ya!

Man, it's midnight already... I've been typing this a while.

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