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Thursday, April 19, 2007

General Paper Versus the Recent Embark (contains more SPOILERS than you can poke a stick at) (part 3)

Hey there, how are you today? If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading the first two/three entries of this huge thing. Anyway, today, I will blog about the greatest thing that's ever happened to me-- and it only happened last week! Note: Most of the videos I show here are played by the unbelievable Shadowkirby2007, the person who can beat all Paper Mario games instantly! Just telling you it's not me.

April 12, 2007... the place? Georgia. ...the state, not the country. I set 0ff on my Trideparting Voyage to the Paper Dimension! Uh... well, Super Paper Mario for the Wii arrived in the mail on that awesome Thursday. Booting up my Wii, I started on my most recent embark to the Paper Dimension. Here's how it went: I watched the intro-- shown here: with a huge excitement rushing through me. Reaching the title screen, I listened to the File Select music all the way through. It's very catchy. Anyway, I started it up and played it for a while, and then-- the gameplay started. It wasn't at all hard to get used to the controls. Rummaging through Chapter 1-1, I obtained the ability to turn 3-D. Uh... I'll skim ahead. The first mini-boss was in Chapter 1-3, the Scottish O'Chunks. This was a pretty cool battle, and was very easy. I beat him a little too fast, I think. Then, I also skimmed through Chapter 1-4 pretty fast, as well. Then, suddenly- the expectable happened. I appeared on-screen as almost a dot! Suddenly, well... I beat the boss quickly, let's leave it at that. You can watch the video to see what the boss is. Yeah, that's a cool battle. Next, Chapter 2, I got Peach, rummaged through and then... Chapter 2-3. I met a little handmaid in a mansion who said her name was "Mimi". I broke a precious vase, and she yelled, "UNTIL YOU PAY OFF THE ONE-MILLION RUBEE DEBT, I OWN YOU! ENJOY LABOR!" I was now a slave. I had to pay off 1,000,000 rubees! In order to do that, I had to jump on this thing 1 million times, or run on this treadmill tons of times. But... there was another way out. All these secrets, there was a vault that contained a million rubees. I payed off the debt and Mimi exploded. ...Or did she? Chapter 2-4 came, I had to run through Merlee's Mansion and find Merlee. Things happened, and I found Mimi in a Merlee disguise. After ratting her out, she called for her true form to appear, and this part gave me nightmares. Picture this: A sweet little girl's neck cracking as her head twists around, and spins round and round and round and round, then suddenly, her head mutates into a moldy piece of paper and she sprouts six spider-like legs, and her head flips upside-down while her body dangles from high up. It seems like it came straight from a horror movie, doesn't it? She was invincible, and her usual words were "Mimimimimimimimimimimiiiiii" ... that's freaky. She even chased me throughout the mansion! I ran into a Men's Restroom, and I thought, That thing's a 'she'... it won't come in here. Boy was I wrong. I was scared outta my wit when the freaky thing formed inside the bathroom! The only thing left to do would be to... gulp... go into the... women's room... (as Mario, don't forget. I... forgot about Peach) it wasn't that bad, except I opened a random stall, when suddenly Merlee emerged from it! Mimi ran in and transformed into a Merlee duplicate. Things happened, (cat-fight) the boss came, and I won. On my first try. It was scary, yeah, but at least I beat it. Here's the video (from entering the girl's room up, includes horror-movie transformation): Okay, Chapter 3 was one of the best! Chapter 3-1, towards the end, I entered Bowser's new castle, and destroyed it from the ground up! Bowser came out, we dueled, I won (obviously), and he joined my team! Yeah, "No, I don't wanna..." that's my favorite part. Chapter 3-2 came, and suddenly... (I beat this quickly, it was easy) I like the sound of when a tentacle rises. It sounds scary. Now, Chapter 3-3 came, and Dimentio returns! This time, it's his jester costume versus my fire breath, and we all know what beats what. My first try, too. Here's Shadowkirby fighting Dimentio: ...Yeah, I don't know why that beam of energy stays there. Probably a one-time glitch. Now, the showdown-- Chapter 3-4... the nerd/geek Francis stole Tippi, and I need to get her back! (This is one of my favorites) (just so you know, you can only pick Peach's responses, unfortunately), now the actual boss: Heh... "Francine"... that's hilarious! Chapter 4... this had one epic boss! This Chapter takes place in the farthest reaches of outer space. Check out this boss, and let's see if you recognize who the boss is. Do you recognize him? Yeah, didn't you hear? He's a bad guy now. That boss has 250 HP, by the way. That's the second-most HP a boss can have, the highest being 400. Okay, Chapter 5 was extremely... mixed. For me, anyway. The first half (5-1 and 5-2) I hated, but the second half (5-3 and 5-4) had the most trance-y music, plus it had a puzzle that had me stumped for around 3 hours. It turns out all I needed was common sense, though... that sucked. In the end, you fight the boss because of an enviromental problem... wow. Here's 5-2's mini-boss, O'Chunks! (Almost all bosses I beat on my first try) Yeah, there's something odd about Dimentio, isn't there? Okay, here's a crazy thing-- Chapter 3-4, the mini-boss is... O'Chunks. Well, O'Cabbage, anyway. Check it out! (This boss gave me tons of trouble, it was fast and everything, but I still beat it first) And now, finally... King Croacus. (still Chapter 3-4) This guy gave me trouble, as well. Okay, the moving root-things did. Here we go: Now, Chapter 6. This one stood out in my head, because it's the shortest one. ...Sorta. The goal is to beat 100 duels, all tougher than the last. However, as soon as you finish the 20th, Count Bleck appears. He talks a bit, and disappears. The Void (black hole eating worlds) starts engulfing the world really fast, and then... in Chapter 6-2... I'll let you see for yourself. That's the boss I died once on. The only one. I swear. The only other time (or 7 times) I died was in 8-3! Cursed Mimi. Anyway, I ran for my life, but the Void had already won. I somehow teleported back to Flipside, and when I went back into the Chapter... But first, I had to walk forward for 5 minutes. Literally. It was one loooooooooooong wasteland, with a few broken pieces of stuff here and there. Then, back in Flipside, Dimentio appeared and (literally) killed me! ...I was supposed to die. Stuff happened, and then I found Luigi in the Underwhere (y'know... the Aftergame, where Mario characters go when they die). But, Peach and Bowser were still missing! I got a Continue, and went on through the chapter, until... Hehe... easy fight. Later, the boss of Chapter 7 came in the Overthere (Gaming Heaven)... (extremely easy fight, Luigi was a big help) (movie by razorruss) Chapter 8 finally came, and the huge battle begun.

I'm stopping here. I tried to do the whole thing, but Internet Explorer crashed, and I lost all data past there... and I had a video of the Final Boss, too. Well, I'll make another entry that has the most spoilers ever! ...Aside from that Filler entry. Believe me, Chapter 8 is so epic! Expect the final part of the Recent Embark to be... tomorrow, I believe! See ya!

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