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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More of Fish, Man!

Let's see what happened next in the world of Patrick Endelhog.

Third Post Today!

Lampshading the spam. ..though he thinks it's not really spam. o_o

Bigger Fish... Out of the Sea?

 More strange noises.

Where is the Bigger Fish?

Noises and.. creepy comments.

 Fish Doesn't Look Like a Word Anymore it Just Looks Like Fish

Patrick's mental state seems to be degrading, and then we have a comment from "Dolphin," insisting that Patrick has nothing to worry about.
Show Time or Sleeping with the Fishes

Patrick actually decides to take action? Oh shit!
..then we have that comment, there. The Camper guy. From Progression Enhanced. He's saying pretty much the same thing, too.


Whoo, action! >D Kay, what's the next screenshot?



Piranha/Noble said...

What is it with you guys and leaving me out of screenshots? It's starting to get depressing. ;___;

DJay32 said...

..what? You were in the entries?