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Thursday, April 7, 2011

O Noez Where's my expy of totheark?

Yeah, sorry. Slept all day. Got kinda tied up in my own little issues.

After watching back that video, YouTube really fucked up the quality at the end there. You can't tell, but we went about halfway down the alley before turning back. I'll be making a quick video showing the paper I got eventually, since I have no scanner, and there's no "Guitar" guy in my comments. xD

Let's do another vote. What should I do tomorrow?

A) Go back to Sam's house. If she's still there, call the cops.
B) Try actually seriously going down that freaking alley already. Stop wimping out.
C) Try actually seriously digging through that flash drive already. Stop getting lazy.

Or I could just sit around and hope someone emails me regarding some super-important thing. Like maybe the president of the United States of America will be asking me if I know anything about the slender man, 'cause he's terrorizing various states and it's affecting bloggers. And only bloggers. And a couple YouTubers.

..seriously, slendy's not real. >_>

1 comment:

Peter Rivers said...

XD Funny you mention the President...

Ignorance is bliss.