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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flash Drive: Notepad titled "EATING ME"

Well. I think we're going to get some answers now.

It is eating me alive from within, tearing at my pores and forcing my insides out through whatever openings they can find.

Oh, my god, please help.dddddddddddd It really hurts

It wants to eat the topographic ocean.
It wants to eat epping forest.
It's already eating its way out.

No one runs faster than it eats.

It eats so fast.

It is eating me alive from within, tearing at my pores and ngjjgjfhergidgddtrrfcirn rough whatever openings they can find.

Please believe me, mom. It is eating its way out of the pond. It wants to eat the topographic ocean.
If it eats the topogapaghic oeawen we'll all ciie. Itf iwl get full control of the wsolrdd's watefd and rplace it with its ikjn.

y vidsoon is alreyad getting foggy. It's eating my eyes from the inside.
It's eating its way out.
No one runs faster than it eats.
No one runs faster than it.

It's eating so fast.

Sleep on, fly on. In your mind, it can eat.


In your ind, it can meat.

Its teeth grin oddly today. They seem more jagged than normal.

Echedos of the Brwadyaaw everglades with erh mythical madonnas walkingf i theirdshaesd
LEnny bruse toclaersea a truce and playsh is other ahnd
Marshall Mcdsujdfnwn casual viewin head buried in the seand
I'm my own planet.

It is eiarfng sraif9jnig4eaijnt trijweaitjneijtn eijnt ewijnteijnw ewisjrn steijent ewisrjnt rewsirsjnsgttrewsijtnEAERIJFN TEATEATEATEOWIKJ(GTING

hEASDLEASlover of three an unspeakable affair
turns and runs nothing can stop it
along every river and canal its power is grownig
It is invincible.

Hybrid children watch the sea
Pray for father, roaming free.
Face the thing that should not be.

This started to catch the attention of the unbranched.

Every nerve torn apart. My ship, the rocinante, aaaar9fdkoix

Swimming, disappearing, hellish dream, flooding into the dark eternal night.

ohgodpleasehlpeit's eating me from the inside It's tearing me from tel copmurer. I NEED OT TYPE< MORE

I'm sure sodcv ereone wairll trewad this aORikjes pekadse kistren. Itrfdsn ae me is the eprdifng awuajsdktakruis.RF EEOT
IARLQ IS tietyntr toe at all theo craneds in the wofld ajd then us rghumansd gn



Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends.

..or maybe not.


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