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Monday, April 4, 2011

My own mind divided into hollow hemispheres

God, I've felt like shit lately. I haven't felt like even going on my blog, let alone checking through those neverending videos and photos on that damn flash drive. Now I know how Jay must have felt, with those bags of tapes in Marble Hornets.

Don't worry about me, though. I've just had some rough nights. That's all. I'm gonna resume my investigation. That odd video I found has piqued my interest. And there was that comment on "eat_me_alive" that suggested looking for the area in the clip-- great idea. :D

I've been checking out various other blogs on the internet. There are some interesting analyses of the slender man, people who claim to be stalked by him (and even some other creature called the "Archangel" o_o), and then there was one interesting piece. It was for this blog called Still Remains Within. I've decided to take a screenshot of it. Just for kicks. xD


Here, the Peter Rivers guy (I think he's one of my followers!) posts (or a hacker posts) both a lyrical excerpt from Coheed & Cambria's "The Suffering" (Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness-- amazing album), and a reference to tentacles. I found this interesting, because..


I seem to be following something to do with tentacles and prog, don't I? There, I've gone out with it. I'm not stupid. I have noticed the tentacle-shaped phenomena in various videos and photographs I've posted, and then there was Sam's drawing of the Epping AquaTarkus.

Now, I don't want to say Sam encountered the creature seen in her dreams, 'cause that's almost impossible, unless she actually saw it in her dreams after seeing it in reality. Still, it's extremely unlikely, all the same. Most likely, she's had some equally-tentacled creature, like.. maybe one of her friends got a tentacled thing and pranked her with it. Maybe even the slender man got to her, I don't know; anything but EAT. That's seriously ridiculous.

Really, the rational train of thought here tells us that Sam got pranked/found a normal tentacled creature, then she went to talk to her doctor and he highly advised her to shut down the blog. I mean, seriously. She was clearly developing an obsession with Tarkus. Her blog was the perfect method for her to obsess over it. We have no idea how she acted outside of Progression Enhanced; for all we know, her obsession was noticeably affecting her behaviour.

Continuing my logical assumptions, the doctor probably advised her to shut down the blog, and she did. In the  months since then, she's prolly moved to England. And who knows? She may not really be dead. She might have just.. been high. Withdrawal from her Tarkus obsession, you know?

..if it makes you guys feel any better, I'll throw a vote. What should I do tomorrow?

A) Visit Sam's house again. If she's seriously dead, call cops.
B) Check for the location in "eat_me_alive."
C) Put my ass into gear and seriously check out more of that flash drive.
D) Do research on that Fish, Man! blog.

I'll give one of those a try, but we're throwing a vote. I know there are people reading this, like that Piranha person.


Joey Steward said...

You definitely don't want to go up against anything "extranormal" unprepared. I'd suggest checking all the relatively safe leads first, gathering as munch information as you can, and then doing the potentially dangerous stuff. So start with the "Fish, Man!" lead.

Noble said...

D), because it's safest. I hope that the Slendy thing was a joke, 'cuz I don't see how you could believe in Slendy and not EAT. Pretty much same thing, one just got dat exposure.

DJay32 said...

Wow, that was fast. Uh.. huh. Fish, Man! seems to be the most popular one so far. And Noble, yeah, it was a joke. I've read the Paranormal Images thread on Something Awful where slendy was invented. There's no such thing as "extranormal." Except maybe aliens and ghosts; I do believe in those. <_<;

So I'll probably look up Fish, Man unless I suddenly get another flood of comments.

Noble said...

Be careful, is all I'm saying. You dig?

Tav said...

Whatever you do, be careful. Never do something unprepared. If possible, go with someone else (being in a group is always better than being alone).

Peter Rivers said...

I agree, be safe.

We're watching, Jordan.

Don't get too obsessed, Jordan.

I've seen this before...