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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do you still wait for your God?

And the symbol of your faith?

..I gotta admit, I liked that in Topography of Thought, that "post cryptic lyrics and hope it sticks" method. >w> Weathered Crashes picked some classic examples, too.

Anyway, this is sort of an update post. To talk a bit about the goings-on. You gotta admit, whoever you are,  that there's something going on here.

Topography of Thought follows a similar pattern to Fish, Man! and Progression Enhanced, or at least.. it seems to. It's got spam that might not be spam, creepy comments, "The Camper," a lot of prog, and just.. yeah. o.o

Speaking of, in one of those entries, Weathered Crashes gives a description of "the Topographic Ocean." There's stuff like people watching from beyond glass cases, no monsters that can harm you, people speak but cannot be heard, and just.. wow, it's pretty cryptic. Anybody got any idea what the hell Weathered was talking about? I mean, it's like some kinda riddle or something.

..come to think of it, I'm sure the "Topographic Ocean" has come up somewhere else in my investigations.

In other news. Peter Rivers. You're one of my followers. I've checked out your blog, Still Remains Within; you mention all kinds of oddities, one of which was screenshot'd on this very blog due to similarities to the other blogs I'm investigating. You commented on Fish, Man! while it was still operational.

Who the hell are you? Seriously.

Third point. I rewatched the Visit to the Doktor (Genesis reference! 8D) video, and.. I don't get it. What the fuck. There's a tentacle thing, right when I say "psychiatrist!" The whole thing distorts like fuck, and just.. it almost looks faked. Did someone.. no, it's not possible to 'hack' a video when I'm uploading it. it? I mean, just.. it's weird. >.<

We've clearly got something going on here.

Oh, then we have the issue of the paper. Yeah, I've still got the damn thing; no masked fellows have stolen it from my room while looking awfully like Spider-Man. I'm referring to the stuff on the back. "No one runs faster than you can. No one runs faster than you. No one runs faster than you eat." If you'll remember, one of the Topography of Thought entries was that, over and over and over again. So what the hell's up with that?

The tentacled dude on the front doesn't make this shit any easier to figure out. It doesn't fit in with anything else. If it's the slender man, what the hell. Have the tentacles I've been seeing just been his branches? Then what's up with "EAT," all the prog, the water? Last time I checked, slendy wasn't an Eldritch aquatic hipster.

..or WAS he?

No, he wasn't. That was a joke. Anyone got any ideas what I should check out next? Any ideas what the "Topographic Ocean" is? Who Peter Rivers is? What any of this shit means? ..I guess I'll end this the way I began-- lyrics from "In the Presence of Enemies."

My soul grows weaker,
He knows and he waits.
He watches over me,
Standing at the infernal gates.

In the hour of darkness,
The moment I feared has passed.
The moment I lost my faith...
Promising salvation...

My soul is my own now.
I do not fight for you,
Dark Mistress Master.

...My soul ALWAYS belongs to my mistress. >w>

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