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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Countdown: 00:03:10:10

Gah, sorry sorry sorry. Turns out, I forgot to bring Sam's charger. The laptop died, and a lot of stuff came up here at home so I couldn't go back to the house to look for the charger until today.

I did get Portal 2, though. Lemme tell ya, do you know how you know if a game's gonna be good or not? Simple. You look for one word on the box: Valve. If you see that on the box, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're going to be playing a classic. Valve is like the Pixar of video games.

The countdown's really close to the end. Three hours. I'm kinda worried.


Jimmy said...

ay sahudi
i beat portal 2
wanna know your opinion

DJay32 said...

Fuckin' classic in every way, man. Beautiful. Hilarious. I'm already quoting random quotes left and right. "Holmes versus Moriarty. Aristotle versus MASHY SPIKE-PLATE!" God, Wheatley's probably one of my all-time favourite characters now.

It was also hella difficult. Chapters six and seven? I utterly hated them. I mean, they were awesome, but I hate steampunk, I hate Cave Johnson, I hate the gels, I hate going upwards and upwards, and I hate puzzles that take me hours to do. And there were many puzzles in Chapters six and seven that took me literally hours to do, only for it to turn out to be an obvious solution. Though after playing through the game another two times, those chapters are growing on me.

I haven't done co-op yet, though. I don't have a second controller.