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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God, can't you guys leave me alone?

Look, I fucking know it was a trap. I know that now. There was nothing about the email that straight-out implied a trap, and you know it. I just had a bad feeling about it because it was sending me back to the house. I brought Nathan as backup. I mean.. I get the feeling, if I didn't bring Nathan, I'd be the one with one eye. ..or.. no. I was there to get Sam off him. I'd be dead if I went alone.

You guys are all acting like this is some bullshit horror movie, filled with foreshadowing and.. and symbolism and genre-savvy protagonists. THIS. ISN'T. This is real fucking life. Horror movie logic of "Don't go in there, IT'S A TARP" doesn't work in the real world. The only reason this scenario was a trap was due to entirely coincidental context, information I would never have found out if I hadn't gone.

So I wish you guys would stop acting like goddamn insensitive trolls and try helping for a change. Why is it that you guys go on your little ARGs like BEN Drowned and There's Something in the Sea while offering all this support to fucking fictional characters, yet then you see some real fucking suffering going on and you figure you should troll us? At the very least, don't say anything at all. I know, I could just not post your comments. Well, I'm not insensitive. I keep the comment moderation up entirely to block flat-out insulting comments, or accidental spam that gets through the filter. I'll still post your ever-so-clever satire and what-have-you.

By the way? I'm at the hospital. On my laptop. Nathan's alright, thanks for asking, though his eye is damaged beyond repair. He's resting up now, then we're gonna talk about calling the cops. Whoever the hell is doing all this is going to get in serious trouble. You just don't do that to people, seriously. You just don't.

Oh, and one last thing. I'd love to see all you guys get emails from people asking you to meet up. I assure you, it's not that easy to discern trap from honest request when it's in your inbox. I'd love to see you reply to them with your logic, telling them how you're not going; it's a trap. It's not easy. What if it's not a trap, huh? What if they seriously need your help? What if they want to meet up and help you? Either way, you'll miss out on a good experience and come across as a selfish prude.

..and what if Skye Blue was serious? What if he or she was waiting for me, but Sam-- or whoever the hell that was-- got to Skye first? Shit. I've definitely got to get in contact with the authorities about this.


Noble said...

You don't go somewhere because someone emailed you telling you to. You just don't, I agree with Dory. That and just... leaving Sam there, comatose/stabby. You should have called the police a long time ago.

Don't blame us for Nathan's ocular troubles. The only person you have to blame is yourself. Also, assuming Dory was a troll, link related.

DJay32 said...

Of course, of course, it's all my fault, it's all my fault, no one's but my own. Just like everything else in my life. The blame's never even shared among people, it's always entirely me, the one who was fucking forced to learn to do as he's told, so what does he do? He does as he's told. He checks out the house because seriously, don't be stupid, there were no signs of it being a trap whatsoever. And because he was told to, had no other leads, and didn't want to give up on the only thing he can even fucking do anymore. It's not like I have school to distract me. Or work.

As I was saying, Nathan told me to stick downstairs, which is what I did. I heard struggling, so I went and checked. I got Sam off of him, and I grabbed him and left. If it wasn't for me, he might have had worse problems.

I'll agree that I was wrong to blame you guys, but you're doing a very shit job at convincing me you're not intending entirely to piss me off. Really, "It was a trap. NO SHIT?" How is that supposed to NOT piss me off?! And your points are only adding fuel to the fire. You're making assumptions on something you've never encountered in your life. And chastising me for them. My own brother was nearly killed, and I am a big reason for it. Of course I'm going to already feel terrible, don't you guys already think that?!

Oh, and if you must know why I haven't called the police up until now, it's because the police. Fucking. Suck. They can't even help me out of a case that's black and white child abuse. What makes you think they would have acknowledged this crazed person long before she did anything? They'll believe me now, since we have evidence.

And sure, sure, blame me for leaving Sam there, brain-dead. I was getting my fucking brother out of there. Have you ever seen a stab in the eye? They tend to get infections quickly. He needed to be hospitalized, and as far as I saw it, if Sam didn't catch us, we were free to at the very least contact the authorities.

I think, if you're not trolls, you should pretend you are. Otherwise, you're just naturally insensitive. You're assuming that people know how to act in situations like this. You act as if you could have done better. To be honest, I doubt that.

..really, I'm not blaming you guys. I'm trying to say it's not entirely my fault, you jerks. You know, attacking a kid when he's down in more ways than one isn't a very noble thing to do, even if it IS my fault. You're supposed to wait until the shit has calmed down. That's called etiquette. I was forced to learn it, so why the fuck can't anyone else?

Noble [Drowning] said...

"You're making assumptions on something you've never encountered in your life."

I don't care how shitty you have it, other people have it just as bad. Stop playing the "oooooh noone understands me ;___;" card. It may be harsh, but the police will be roused a lot quicker by a person with minimal life signs alone in a house, in the same spot day after day.

I think that you need to calm down a bit before more people get hurt. Or before you get yourself hurt. Or a kitteh. Whatever. You know what? Maybe I should go jump in a lake, just to show you what can happen. It's been happening to me too, you know. Took the recent bits of this blog to realize it. I dropped the Piranha name because I can't swim any more.

DJay32 said...

This will be the last comment I give, because you just keep making me angrier.

You think the police would care? You honestly think they would give half a shit? The police don't care. You'd think they'd care about a case that's had at least three people in three different locations call about it over the course of a number of months, but no! They didn't. Give. A. Shit. Thanks to that, I'm stuck in a family of Hell. Why do you think I never show my house in my videos? Because my parents hate seeing that fucking camera. I don't like pissing them off.

If the police didn't care about that, when bruises have become of it, when severe mental problems have arisen in everyone involved, when my dad fucking admitted to throwing the first punch in one of many incidents. TO THE SOCIAL WORKER. then, they're NOT. Going to CARE. About THIS. AND THEY DON'T. I've called them by now. I will make a new blog post about it. They didn't care.

'I don't care how shitty you have it, other people have it just as bad. Stop playing the "oooooh noone understands me ;___;" card.'

That's the exact reason I hate you right now. That's exactly what my dad said. More than once. When he's the sole reason I have these fucking problems. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't need an investigation like this to keep me busy in the day. I wouldn't get so offended from the things people say on the internet. I know, it's my own fault for getting offended, it's my own fault for continuing the investigation. That's the kind of didn't-do-the-research attitude I'd expect from people. I know other people have it just as bad as me, but you'd treat them with respect, no doubt. It's just because I'm lampshading everything that you fucking hate me.

Wind 47 said...

Jump in a..lake?


Don't do that!!

And what's happening?

Jordan, this isn't your fault; I am very aware of what the police are like, especially after hearing about what goes on in your house...

Midna L. said...

Jordan, dont jump into the lake!