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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fish, Man screenshots!

Got in contact with a man named Roger Endelhog. He said Fish, Man! was his brother's blog. I got the screenshots from him.

Patrick Endelhog. He seems kinda odd. >.> ...Peter Rivers? o_o You commented on this blog?

The Bigger Fish in the Sea

It took Patrick a good few months to post again, apparently.

Out of the Pond

Following an oddity at a pond.

Fish and Traffic

...o_o; This is a weird blog.

Voices by the Pond

..I mean.. what? o_o Oh hey, spam. xD

The Fish in the Stereo

Yes' "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)" is mentioned. I like that song. .w.
Odd Fish?

Oh dear. D: Patrick had a run-in with a nasty fish, I see. And.. Peter commented again. What, did you frequent this place?

Yes? No Thanks

Aw, he didn't like it. D: Oh well. Prog's an acquired taste. ..more spam, whoo!

 Come Visit Me Please

Loneliness, odd noises, and odd comments.

Will continue this in a separate entry.

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