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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some real progress.

We're approaching the end of the screenshots. I went ahead and looked through these in advance. They're.. well. Odd? I dunno. I'll let you decide.

Random CHRISTMAS banter 5.

Sam keeps talking about that "Aquatarkus" character from ELP's "Tarkus" suite. I tried looking up what the original Aquatarkus might have supposed to look like, but the only pictures out there relate to the original Tarkus beast.

Telling the Secrets of Silent Earth

Sam analyses In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, by Coheed & Cambria! ..though this analysis seems pretty lackluster. It sounds like Sam's starting to get distracted. And note that comment there. "Guitar." This person claims he or she can provide Sam with a scanner. There were no further comments on this entry after Sam asked for contact info.

The Aquatarkus

This is where things get strange. First of all, the "Guitar" commenter from the previous entry has most likely actually provided Sam with a scanner. This person somehow knew Sam's last name. Anyway, uh.. so the creature from Sam's dreams was drawn and scanned. Take note of the three.. shapes to the right of the tentacle.

Comments to "The Aquatarkus."

Here we have a random commenter asking about the shapes, and Sam explaining their relevance: Sam always sees that face during dreams featuring the Aquatarkus. Rather eerie. And then we have a Doctor Telmac asking to meet Sam by the pond the following day to discuss Sam's developing "obsession." I think I know what the Doctor's talking about; it's that obsession with the Aquatarkus thing. Note how the comments end after Sam asks for a designated meet-up time.

..dammit. Blogger won't let me upload the last screenshot. I'll keep trying. In the meantime, I'll post this. If I get the last screenshot up, I'll post it.

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