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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My video camera sucks.

So, um.. I went to the house again.

I took my video camera this time. Please excuse my clunkiness. It's seriously a shitty camera; it needs SD cards to film shit, and I don't have SD cards, so I had to freaking keep it plugged into my laptop. That's right, I lugged my laptop with me. Please don't ask how, oh god. Then again, I've done clunkier.

So here's the video.

Yeah, my laptop's battery fucked up at the end. There was nothing back there in that yard, though. you guys think that was Sam? D:


Piranha said...

"For the record, I have seen Marble Hornets. I know the dangers of going to a seemingly-abandoned house, even in the middle of the day. That's why I didn't go inside."


um, good job not dying, I guess. I hope Sam's alright, whether that was her or not.

DJay32 said...

Sorry! I just couldn't resist. I had to know. I had to go in. ._.; That person looked pretty dead, too.

Piranha said...

Did you watch the video yourself before posting it? More people should do that. That way they won't miss stuff like distortion (in the case of Marble Hornets) and dead chicks staring at the camera.

DJay32 said...

WAIT nevermind, read that wrong.

Of course I watched this first. That.. thing is what made me upload this video so quickly. It scared the pants off of me when I first saw it. I'm thinking of calling the police and telling them of that place.

Prince said...

She looked pretty dead. Right until she looked at you...