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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sam's House? Pictures

The lead I got was vague. Just a specific address, with the caption "Sam." It was in an e-mail from someone calling themselves "Skye Blue." I followed it and took some pictures.

This is the neighborhood in which I found the house. Thought I'd take a picture for reference.

The house in question. This is what I found at the address provided by Skye Blue.

I decided to take a look in the window. Yes, I was wearing white gloves. And yes, that's an iPhone. It's my brother's.

Second picture of the front of the house.

Second picture of inside the window. Things seem darker. o.o

Final picture taken out front.

I could've sworn I did more than just look out front and in the window. I think I saved more photos, but this damn iPhone saved them all over the place. Dammit, Apple.

..wait, how could this be Sam's house if she's not British?


Piranha said...

You don't have a very good sense of self-preservation, do you?

DJay32 said...

For the record, I have seen Marble Hornets. I know the dangers of going to a seemingly-abandoned house, even in the middle of the day. That's why I didn't go inside.

Anonymous said...

So Sam wasnt home?