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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bah. Here are some hearts. ..never mind, it breaks the HTML.

I sleep too much. Y'know, I really should look into looking for Sam. Besides, she sounds like a totally fun person to talk to. :3 ..but just as a friend, of course. I already have someone. Who's totally the funnest to talk to. >w<

Y'know what's fun? Going online and seeing kind words directed at you. This is why I try to randomly be nice to people when I get the chance. :D I want people to enjoy their lives. I want people to have fun. This is also why I like to serve. ...but only girls, though. Female supremacy is a weird thing. >w>

I'm rambling now. Y'know, I think me and this blog are gonna get along juuuust fine. .w. It's waited, what, three or possibly four years now for someone to use it! D: The poor thing! Well.. I'm finally using it. And boy, am I using it a lot.

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