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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Gorgeous Proggasmic Musical Nirvana Segments

I noticed that how much I like an album depends heavily on how many sections of the music I truly love. Y'know. Musical nirvana. Proggasms. That little section in a song that fucking blows your mind every time?

Between the Buried and Me's Colors has so many of these, which is still surprising as hell considering I haven't had the album that long. On my first listening, I could list about four or five proggasmic sections. Now that I've heard it a hundred times, I can list at least one per track.

"Foam Born" has the intro, of course. The Backtrack is like beauty in the form of one whole song. Though it's only beauty when you listen to the entire album. "Informal Gluttony" has the opening "rebuild" section and the chorus, with the ghost-like synths during the reprisal. Fuckin' beauty. "Sun of Nothing..." every single part of those ten minutes, man. Especially the acoustic-to-electric chorus section towards the end. "Ants of the Sky" has the various instrumental sections throughout it, including the famous random hoedown and following classical chorus. "Prequel to the Sequel..." that intro, man. Just listen to that intro. Fucking gorgeous. The entire latter three minutes, starting just before the polka-esque waltz, are even more beauty. When the song hits the epic reprisal right at the end? Fuckin'-A, man. "Viridian." Just yes. Entire song. "White Walls." Oh god yes yes yes yes yes. >W< The first time I listened to this album, do you know how much I fuckin' came during the outro? That's the best way to end an album, everything after the final chorus ("WHIIIITE WAAAALL" and such). The exact thoughts that went through my mind during that epic riff, the riff before the end solo, the exact thoughts were "This is Colors. This is the definitive sound of Colors."

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Dream Theater) has tons of gorgeous sections, at least one per track.

"The Glass Prison." .....fjudvn0ghv rdfuewfjd. >W< The 'chorus' that plays at the start and after the first movement. That little chorus there is one of my top three favourite melodies ever. The heavy riff to the first movement, the nice time signature fuck at the start of the second movement, and the entire third movement, those are all gorgeous. I'll never forget them for as long as I live. .w. "Blind Faith," ah yes. We have the entire intro, the entire melody throughout the song, the choruses, the entire instrumental section, that piano interlude... just yeah. "Misunderstood," the ghastly intro, choruses, "from a thief to a beggar" bridges, the amazing ending with the heavy guitar distortion.. leading into "The Great Debate." Dude, I love "The Great Debate." The entire intro is another one of my all-time favourite intros ever. The second verse plus "Are you justified" bridges, the real bridge, the choruses, the instrumental section, the solos, the fucking outro.. yeeees. "Disappear.." the chorus is unforgettable. That bridge, too. Then we get to the title track, hoo boy! "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence." 1) The entire overture, 2) the melody of About to Crash, 3) the reprisals of the main theme throughout, 4) the second chorus to War Inside My Head, 5) the entirety of The Test that Stumped Them All, 6) the entire instrumental section to Goodnight Kiss, 7) most of Solitary Shell, 8) every part of the reprisal of About to Crash, especially that killer intro and gorgeous outro, 9) the entirety of Losing Time, and 10) the epic Grand Finale.

See that? The title track has ten (off the top of my head) gorgeous proggasmic musical nirvana sections, alone. That's how much I love Dream Theater.

How 'bout The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway? Let's give it a try.

Title track. 1) That intro. friaefgjdsg09es YEEESSSSS, that intro. >W< 2) "And the laaaaaaaamb... lies dooooowwwn... on Broaaaadwaaay!" 3) All the lyrics. All the sounds. All tehrrejf esgj0dsgrgj0igs aEe.. 4) THE BRIDGE. 5) ALL THE FUCKING LYRICS, I quote them so much. .W. 6) That ending. "Fly on a Windshield." 1) The entire start. 2) The entire solo. the whole song. xD "Broadway Melody of 1974." 1) THE ENTIRE GODDAMN SONG. 2) The entire outro. Oh god, that's memorable. "Cuckoo Cuccoon." 1) Melody! 2) Flute solos! "In the Cage." 1) Entire intro! 2) Keyboard ostintato in 12/8! 3) EVERYTHING. 4) SOLO OH GOD YES THAT SOLO. 5) BRIDGE OH GOD YES THAT BRIDGE. 6, 7, 8, 9) "Outside the cage, I see my brother John. He turns his head so slowly 'round. I cry out 'HELP' before he can be gone, and he looks at me without a sound. And I shout out 'John, please help me' but he does not even want to try to speak. I'm helpless in my violent rage. A silent tear of blood dribbles down his cheek, and I watch him turn again and leave the cage. My little runaway!" Best. Lyrics. Ever. Takes up four spots. 10) Spinning round and roundsajifdgg0h. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) The outro interlude. Most people don't even mention this damn thing, but it's my favourite part of the fucking song! It's just ei9tgjigd9igh9gqg8jgw and the j0efisnfiung but it's so ghoulish and creepy, solemn, quiet, ominous, mysterious, GENIUS! Takes up five spots. .w.

...I'm not doing this. xD This'll take all day. I think I might see if I can't check out Sam's place again.

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