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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Favourite Band Touches Me Invisibly

Can you hear me?
Can you see?

I've been listening to a lot of Phil Collins-era Genesis lately. Shit, how does anyone not like these guys? They're so amazing, no matter who's the frontman.

It was only a little while ago that I realized Invisible Touch has all the makings of a classic album. I know I said I'd do some track-by-track analyses on my favourite albums, but.. I think I'll do one of this.

- Invisible Touch, the title track, is the definitive 80s pop song to me. "Abacab" is a close second. Sure, it's a huuuuuge change from their earlier work, but at the same time, it proves Genesis is ultimately progressive. They progressed from being a prog band to being a big radio hit, while still doing the occasional prog classic!

- Tonight, Tonight, Tonight has one of the greatest extended instrumental sections I've ever heard. The lyrics intrigue me, as well.

- Land of Confusion is a classic classic. xD It's the definitive 80s rock song to me. Thanks to Disturbed and the wonders of the internet, this has even become a personal meme of mine. "That's not Land of Confusion! That's not Disturbed!" And here's a hipster saying if there ever was one: I liked "Land of Confusion" before I even knew Disturbed covered it. >w> I'm not even mentioning the epic music video.

- In Too Deep... just shit, man. One of the three songs of the album I don't actually listen to. I just stick it on in the background. Yet when the chorus comes along, I sometimes sing along.

- Anything She Does has a great rhythm. That's all I know about it.

- Domino. Fuck yes. "Domino" is an amazing song, one of the aforementioned prog classics. In the Glow of the Night starts the piece off with your average 80s Genesis song, yet the lyrics hint at something still to come. The Last Domino expands on these lyrics and just absolutely.. kicks it up to eleven. In every way. Anyone who says Phil Collins isn't metal has never heard these goddamn lyrics. Take a look at the mountains! Take a look at the beautiful river of blood. I don't even need to say anything further. That's fucking metal. The rhythm going on at this point of the song is one of the most epic sounds I've ever heard, especially in an 80s song. And I mean "epic" in the "Something really fucking huge is going on right now" sense. Then the song progresses a bit, and it all comes together in the exciting finale, which is like a completely separate 80s song. xD In a way, "Domino" is like what would happen if someone were to ask "What happens between every 80s song?" I'll tell you what. Prog happens.

- Throwing it all Away. ..I don't remember this song. Maybe it's an easter egg. Maybe if I listen to it again, I'll hear some Satanic message telling me the Operator is coming to get me or something.

- The Brazilian completely fucked. My. Mind. Up. I played it for my completely metal, METAL, and MOAR METAAAAL friend, and it fucked HIS mind up. "The Brazilian" is everything an instrumental should be (except for LONG. It should be LONGER THAN THIS. And more progressive.). It's catchy, it's beautiful, it's an epic closer, and it.. just... rocks.

So yeah. Genesis, man. I love Genesis. So much. .w. Phil Collins' voice soothes me. Peter Gabriel's voice takes me back to my childhood. I think I'll do more of these track-by-track analyses sometime.

Don't you hear me?
Don't you see?

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