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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have sex with me, Tony Banks.

Ohhh my god fuck the pond prog is so much more fulfilling.


Tony Banks is like.. if Beethoven were to shred.

Jordan Rudess is like if Hitler could play the keyboard.

Steve Hackett is like.. like if Jesus played the guitar.

John Petrucci? Oh my fucking god, don't get me started on John Petrucci. John Petrucci is a man with whom there are no comparisons. At times, you may want to compare him to Dave Mustaine, but Petrucci is more than that. Mustaine was epic, Mustaine was a god, but Mustaine was a metal god. Petrucci is just.. a god. There is nothing he can't do. He can kick your ass in 16/8. John Petrucci isn't like Dave Mustaine or Chuck Norris or Samuel L. Jackson. John Petrucci isn't like Jesus. Jesus is like John Petrucci.

1 comment:

Peter Rivers said...

This made me laugh, bro.

This will probably be my last comment, but...I hope everything turns out well for you (Owen told me about your...troubles...).