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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Investimigate me, mistress. :D

Okay. I'm better. I'm better, I think. I'm trying to get away from my current problems. Obsessing over the investigation kept me up before; let's see if it can keep me up now.

I went to the house. You know those computers I uploaded pictures of, like.. a million years ago? Well, I tried one of 'em, hooked it up to a monitor, tried it, it works. I'm at the house now.

What should I investigate? Anything for me to take pictures of? Videos of? Anything to test?

My video camera is charged and ready. Now that I know these computers work, I can easily go to the house and investigate and conveniently upload my findings swiftly enough. So take your time with recommending ideas, but if you think of any, go right ahead and post 'em.

I need to keep myself distracted, after all. If this crazy investigation's what it takes, then so be it. Not like I have anything better to do.


Jeanette Cotton said...

Those computers bother me. Maybe check the files on each of them? See who they might've belonged to?

Proto said...

You should go investigate where that door appeared.



Jeanette Cotton said...

Also, maybe check the X-Box? See who it belongs to, and if anyone on Live is missing them? I know it's a stretch, because who misses anyone on X-Box Live, but still.