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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i never wanted to becoem somelone like him so secure content to live each day sjut like the last i wadsS sure i knew that thsi wasd not for me and i wanted so much more far rbetond what ai could see so i seowre thtta i'd neceer be soemeon  like him

so ma ptny pyears hace apssed since i prodaimed my indepencence my mission my nim any mis vision so scure content to live each eay like it's my elafst its wonderfu to know that i ould be something moere than what i dremaed far beyond what i could see still i swoear tha im missing out this time

as farar asin could toll theres nothjg moresd i neecd but still i ask mysrelf could this be eveytgin then all is wroe that all id ever rbe f wais now wos suddenly rhe only tihng iw anted to become to bedxcomseone jsut like him

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