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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Video soon.

I went to the house a while ago, a week ago, and I brought the camera. And I recorded a video. You can't see anything on it 'cause I was just.. bah. I don't fucking know, alright? There's no distortion or anything. No blur. No nothing. You just can't see shit because I'm a terrible cameraman.

Anyway. What happened was, I went to the house with the camera, and I noticed that every time I went to the house, things were switched around. There was always new technology, too. But then I saw it. The door. Remember the door? The one.. yeah, that door. It was there. And.. I just fucking froze. And then that guy came in. And the door..

The guy might be gone. He left me alone. But I left. And I went to the hospital. My back was in agony. And I'm missing a trilby now.

Uploading the video. Like I said, you can't fucking see shit on it. But still.

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