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Monday, July 18, 2011

Camera?: "where_the_sour_turns_to_sweet"

Now, my first suspicion was that I recorded this video without knowing. But I don't have a CD player that looks like that, or any of the other stuff there. I have a lot of the albums pictured, but not the.. one below Nursery Cryme, nor the one below what I think is Amnesiac (Radiohead). And I don't even know what the hell the one above Metropolis, pt. 2 is; there's way too much glare. But I recognize Metropolis and Nursery Cryme, I recognize Amnesiac, and I also recognize Octavarium and Tales from Topographic Oceans.

The song in the background is from Tales from Topographic Oceans, although I'll have to listen to the album again to properly pinpoint what song.

As for the video title, "where_the_sour_turns_to_sweet," yeah, not a clue.

1 comment:

An Anonymous Fox said...

I freaking love Radiohead. and Dream Theater now thanks to you. 8D


(P.S: Hope you're doing OK.)