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Monday, July 4, 2011

"Message of Metropolis"

(Image spliced up weirdly by me)

The Message of Metropolis must be coded

From The Topography of Thought. Addressed to "Rael." The comments have deciphered it, and it seems to be saying,

1) "Scene Six: Home."

2) "Fatal Tragedy."

3) "Scene Nine: Finally Free."

So, "Home," "Fatal Tragedy," "Finally Free." Addressed to "Rael."

.."Rael's" not addressed to me, is it? I mean.. probably. If it is, then the fuck's it mean? "Home," "Fatal Tragedy," "Finally Free." I like those songs, granted, from Metropolis, pt. 2-- Dream Theater, but it's probably not talking about the songs, themselves.

I'm exhausted. I need to think this over.


Anonymous said...

learned a lot

Freelance said...

Maybe you should take it literally? After the Tragedy you're Finally Free.
As in, Death is the ultimate release?
Just a thought.