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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Light Dies Down on Broadway, Genesis, 1974

"As he walks along his sanity's edge, Rael meets a sense of yesteryear. A Door in the room amongst his head reveals a home amidst the streets.

"Suburban sounds, the sounds of complaint, the smell of petty mundanity on his brain to paint as it carves out anger in a blood-red band, destroyed tomorrow by an eldritch hand."

My home.

Is this the way out from this endless scene or just an entrance to another dream?

And the light dies down on Insanity.

"But as the Doorshine beckons him to leave, he hears a scream from impossible beyond. Within the raging City writhes the form of Brother John. He cries for help."

The gate is fading now but open wide. But Nathan is drowning; I must decide between the freedom I had in the chess game or to stay forever in Hell the same.

"HEY, JOHN! He makes for the house and the Door is gone, back to the void where it came from.

"And the light dies down on Jordan."

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