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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

But where is the garden of Eden?

It's dark, the light is on and it's still dark.

There's a surprising lack of doors in this house. I've looked around, and anywhere I saw a door, I'd blink and it'd just.. be gone. I'm beginning to think I might be legitimately insane.

Whenever I stand in the hallway seen in my video, I can hear much movement all around. If I look down the hall, I can always see figures moving behind a door. Maybe shadows.

Time doesn't move that fast here, and yet it seems to pass quicker than lightning. I feel ageless as the walls rot around me.

I went up the stairs and found myself exhausted before reaching the top. I heard more noises, felt more darkness, and then I retreated down here.

Now I can hear nothing but footsteps and vague scuttering.

The laptop's time reads August 5th, 5:08 AM.

I'm losing track of time, and I feel a new sense of elation.

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