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Friday, June 8, 2007

Some Interesting Music For the Interesting Mind! ...That means everyone but Bush.

So, what's with all this "Beyonce" and "Ubastank" crap? Keep in mind, everyone, we WANT to listen to good music! So, in an effort to save the ears of all of...... America, I looked up good music! Or, as some call it... "Video Game Music" and also "Video Game Remixes."

NOW STOP THERE! Move your cursor AWAY from the "back" button, you hear me? And don't even THINK of typing a new web adress! You can trust me when I say this... this music is GOOD. You want rap? You can HAVE it, AND the "radio edit" version! You want Europop/techno? You can have it, because that's what I'm listening to, so I should know. Want rock? We got rock. Want anything? We got it ALL.

I have some albums up on my computer, four, to be exact, and they're called...

"Hedgehog Heaven," "Project: Chaos," the one I'm listening to now, "Bound Together," and "Rise of the Star."

They are AWESOME! A collaboration of experienced minds working together to create utter accomplishments.

Chipamp (Winamp Chiptune Plugin Bundle) And now you can listen to awesomness in Winamp! Click that now!

Hedgehog Heaven website:

Project: Chaos website:

Bound Together website:

Rise of the Star website:

I gotta tell you, I LOVE BOUND TOGETHER! It sounds like a cure for child cancer, but it's actually just remixes of EarthBound songs. Possibly my favorite song in it is "Flying Man," a vocal song which is a remix of some sort of...... I dunno. I haven't actually played EarthBound before. Be warned, though, a couple songs have names that... uh... have swear words in them. Some songs have swear words in them themselves, but "Da Black Market" threw in a radio edit.

They really put some depth into this... it's interesting. They included a rock remix of a bunch of beeps! Tell me, how can you turn THIS... ...into a rock song? Or, maybe they remixed the song BEFORE it. I dunno. I hope it's that one. That's the scariest boss EVER. EVER. Especially when you know where Giygas' dialogue comes from...

Okay, after doing research, that song IS a remix of the "beeps" Giygas song. Sweet. (shudder) the battle still freaks me out. That's one scary looking boss.

If you want any more remixes, then check out: for all your VGRemix needs. Tons of awesome songs there, so make sure to look for a good one.

Now, how about Streaming Radio? Yeah, gotta love it. Here's two-- SEGASonic Radio, SSR, with tons of Sonic hits. WTMK radio, for all your favorite Mario songs.

How'z about we take a visit to the local museum? Yeah, I found one we can all enjoy. The Video Game Museum! Check it out sometime, it's quite good. Here's my FAVORITE exhibit: The SNES Music exhibit! Really, check it out, they have listed some of the greatest songs up there, even some EarthBound ones!

So, I hope you've checked each and every link here, for they will all serve you well. CHECK THEM NOW!

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